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A Disney Sketchbook This is a coffee table book 10x13 of sketches done at Disney from Mickey Mouse to Tangled It is a very simple book There is a forward, and introduction and really except for the occasional note an artist put on the sketch, no other words, not even page numbers The book is a little less than an inch thick.One thing not mentioned in the book and I d like to know the answer is if the sketches are all actual size Looking at pencil lines, I think they are, but I would have to have had confirmation in the introduction I wanted the book to see the great work the artists did and I don t want them blown up or reduced.The sketches are placed in approximate chronological order So it is easy to find sketches from your favorite movie Sketches of your favorite characters is a little difficult since they will exist between movies some time around when they were made and there is no index.I would have like to have had a caption written in the corner as I saw sketches which I m not sure what they were of Original character concepts, characters that are not in the movie, something else I couldn t place them specifically there is one of a girl getting up in bed and stretching it is near Alice and Wonderland, but I don t recognize the scene or the person.Overall it is a great book if all you want is the artwork and I did If you are looking for information, text or anything else involving he written word, you may be a little disappointed. Imagine If One Sketchbook Had Been Passed Down Through The Decades From One Disney Animator To The Next, With Each One Making A Contribution Before Leaving It In The Talented Hands Of Another Artist That Idea Was The Inspiration For A Disney Sketchbook The Drawings Contained Within It Represent The Entire Range Of Animation Development, From The Origins Of Ideas To Fully Conceived Characters Pencil Studies Of A Much Younger Wendy And A Serpentlike Sea Witch Reveal The Many Imaginative Iterations That Animators Create Before They Ultimately Perfect Every Hero And Villain And Comprehensive Studies Of Mickey And Baloo Showcase The Dedication That Goes Into Defining The Facial Expressions And Body Language Of Each Beloved Character Films And Shorts From Throughout The History Of The Company Are Featured Beginning With Steamboat Willie And Ending With Tangled Demonstrating The Ingenuity And Skill That Have Remained A Constant At Walt Disney Animation Studios Since Molto bene graficamente e di ottima fattura This is a good coffee table book It contains a lot of amazing sketches, but I guess I was hoping that it would contain commentary That s not really the sort of book it is, though As indicated by the title, it is a straight up sketchbook with pretty much only pictures Beautiful work, though. My girlfriend is a children s book illustrator and she has been obsessed with Disney since she was a little girl I bought this book as a Christmas present for her and she absolutely loved it The quality of the book alone is fantastic, the paper is a heavyweight textured paper with a really sturdy cover and the sketches inside look almost like they were drawn in pencil rather than printed Fantastic book This is a very lovely book well made and sturdy with a strong binding It is hard covered and quite large the paper is thicker than normal like card stock It has assorted sketches from all across Disney s era from early Mickey Mouse drawings to Tangled concept art It is really nice to look at and I get quite a bit of inspiration from it.My two problems with the book 1 Some pages only have one or two small sketches on it so that there is a large amount of empty white space I feel like just a few sketches would have fit nicely to fill in that emptiness and give you a bit to look at I can t help but feel that some of the page space was wasted for only one picture given the size of the book.2 Several Disney movies are missing including The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Treasure Planet, Tarzan, Wreck it Ralph, and Atlantis The Lost Empire I really would have liked to see at least one or two sketches from those films.Other than that, I really like it and I d recommend it. Per il prezzo pagato ci sono davvero pochi sketch e poi una bella farinata dei classici degli inizi per finire con un disegnino striminzito e a volte nemmeno quello degli ultimi classici Lo consiglio a tutti gli appassionati perch i disegni sono davvero da togliere il fiato ma sinceramente me ne aspettavo molti di pi un volume davvero fantastico Sembra di avere tra le mani i veri fogli disegnati Intriganti i commenti scritti a matita dai disegnatori stessi, vicino agli studi L ho regalato al mio ragazzo disegnatore e si letteralmente sciolto D

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