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Adobe Indesign CC 2018: Classroom in a Book Creative Professionals Seeking The Fastest, Easiest, Most Comprehensive Way To Learn Adobe InDesign Choose Adobe InDesign CC Classroom In A Book Releasefrom Adobe Press The Project Based Step By Step Lessons Show Users The Key Techniques For Working In InDesign Designers Will Build A Strong Foundation Of Typographic, Page Layout, And Document Construction Skills That Will Enable Them To Produce A Broad Range Of Print And Digital Publicationsfrom A Simple Postcard To An Interactive Adobe PDF With Form Fields The Real World Tasks In This Comprehensive Book Are Presented In An Easy To Follow, Step By Step Format And Are Designed To Train Beginning Adobe InDesign Users In The Programfrom Fundamental Features To Powerful Layout And Output Skills This Book Will Also Help Experienced InDesign Users Elevate Their Skills, Understand Best Practices, And Learn About New Features The Online Companion Files Include All The Necessary Assets For Readers To Complete The Projects Featured In Each Lesson As Well As Ebook Updates When Adobe Releases Relevant New Features For Creative Cloud Customers All Buyers Of The Book Get Full Access To The Web Edition A Web Based Version Of The Complete Ebook Enhanced With Video And Multiple Choice Quizzes

5 thoughts on “Adobe Indesign CC 2018: Classroom in a Book

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    I m going to make myself try to plow through this but it is definitely not written for a beginner Way too much knowledge is presumed by the author And, the type size is too small for anyone who doesn t have perfect vision, as are the screen shots from her computer In the next version, please

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    this is a digestible tutorial, but I am not convinced it is superior to using the adobe tutorials and you tube videos and just hacking around by yourself for example, I was setting styles by experiment, and once I got what I thought I liked, I tried to turn it into a master page, and for some

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    I am quite familiar with software including the adobe family I am not a super expert but I can find my way around.This book it was clearly written by a bunch of technocrats that assume you are familiar with terms after mentioning them once Most of the illustrations are between hard to understan

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    I love all the classroom in a book series, however, I am noticing that because of different versions and updates, the book doesn t always follow with how my version works It can be confusing.

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    Exactly as pictured Now I just wish there was a tutor that came with the book to teach me how to use InDesign.

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