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Albinus on Anatomy: With 80 Original Albinus Plates This Beautiful, Enthralling Book Represents The Rarest Of Human Achievements A Work Of Great Scientific Merit That Is A Magnificent Work Of Art As Well Bernard Siegfried Albinus Was The Greatest Descriptive Anatomist Of The Eighteenth Century Over A Period Of Twenty Years, He Produced Two Volumes Of Drawings, Tables Of The Skeleton And Muscles Of The Human Body And Tables Of The Human Bones, That Have Long Been Revered For Their Beauty, Skill, Artistry, And Anatomical Accuracy This Finely Made Edition Makes Them Available To The General Public At An Easily Affordable Price For The First Time Since Their Publication In All Of The Original Copperplate Engravings, Containing Over Individual Illustrations, Have Been Painstakingly Reproduced For This Edition The Muscles And Bones Of The Human Body Are Rendered Individually And In Related Groups From Varying Perspectives, Enabling Art Students To Compare The Forms To Analyze Their Size, Shape, Direction, And Attachments And To Observe With Absolute Clarity The Shape And Position Of Bodily Forms Eighty Modern Diagrams Matching Each Plate Identify Each Bone And Muscle In The Most Common Medical TermsThe Eminent Medical Historian Charles Singer Praised Albinus Brilliant Accomplishment He Introduced A New Standard Of Accuracy Into Practical Anatomy And Of Accuracy And Beauty Into Anatomical Illustrations Singer Adds These Illustrations, With Their Finely Wrought Ornamental Backgrounds, Were Intended For Artists As Well As For Physicians, And No Finer Work Of Their Type Has Ever Been ExecutedIntroductory Essays By The Well Known Artist And Art Educator Terence Coyle Including A New Introduction To The Dover Edition Engagingly Explore Albinus Life And Work Following These, Robert Beverly Hale, One Of America S Best Known Teachers Of Figure Drawing And Anatomy, Brilliantly Appraises Albinus Technique And Demonstrates How Artists Today Can Use His Anatomical Studies To Draw From Life, A Special Feature That Makes This Magnificent Book Truly Indispensable For Artists And Art Students At Every Level

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    This book is a treasure for those who are interested in history, whether of medicine, anatomy or art, and rescues the material of the great anatomist Bernhardus Albinus 1653 1721 The quality of the material he published, in particular the study of muscles is still current today I would recommend thi

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    Had this in a smaller version but lost it This is better because it is printed about two and a half times larger than my original purchase.

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    This is the best atlas of anatomy I know The successive muscle layers, from the front and back, are shown accurately and in great detail Because the entire body is depicted, the relationships between regions offer novel views even for the seasoned anatomist The editor is to be commender for bringing b

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    I really enjoy the content of this book, but continue to be a little put down by what I think is some sort of fake copy of the book I swear when I ve looked at the illustrations in other copies of this book and the images are super crisp and sharp.The one that I got seems to have slightly blurry edges.

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