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Art Models 5: Life Nude Photos for the Visual Arts (Art Models series) (English Edition) Whether For Work On A Finished Piece, Trying A New Technique, Or Getting In Some Practice Time, This Figure Study Enables Artists To Work When And Where They Want With Their Choice Of Model And Pose This Book In The Series Features New Male And Female Art Modelsas Well As Becca From The Previous Bookin A Collection Of Poses Selected By Readers And Visitors To The Authors Website The Contrast Has Also Been Increased In Many Of The Photos To Provide Deeper, Challenging Shadows While The Guide Includes Individuals And Couples With A Wide Range Of Body Types In Natural, Relaxed Stances As Well As Some Inspired By Classical Works Of Art, The Primary Focus Is On Dynamic Posestwisting, Scrunching, Reaching, And Even Fighting Poses Are Precisely Lit, Revealing Every Area Of The Model, And Have Been Carefully Chosen To Illustrate Important Effects Such As Foreshortening And Perspective Changes A Judicious Amount Of Photo Retouching Is Done, Not To Make The Models Glamorous Or Plastic, But To Remove Distractions That Detract From The Essence Of The Models Each Photo May Be Zoomed In On Specific Body Parts To Achieve A Higher Level Of Detail This Ebook Does Not Have The Full Degree Views Of Every Pose If You Would Like All The Views Of All The Poses, Please See The Companion Disk Or Print Book With DiskMaureen Johnson Is An Art Director And A Management Analyst Douglas Johnson Is A Photographer They Are The Coauthors Of The Art Models Series They Live In Salem, New Hampshire

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    Le fotografie sono ben scattate e ben illuminate Ogni soggetto ripreso da diverse angolazioni e la qualit dei modelli buona.Presenta comunque dei difetti, non dovuti alla qualit dell opera, ma all idea in s.1 Anzitutto l essere umano un animale abbastanza grande e per venire fotografato e necessita a volte di un grandangolo Questo tipo di foc

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    There are many artistic photo resources, but few that are truly useful in a diverse sense The poses, lighting, and models are exceptional in delivering a dynamic useful inspiration for any artist Comic, fantasy, fine, crafter, it matters not They re very useful.

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    One big problem for less experienced artists, in figure drawing, is foreshortening The studies in this DVD are especially helpful in coping with this difficulty For each pose there is a series of photos the same model in the same pose but taken from a number of positions encircling the model The increments are close enough that the student can observe the arm or

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    These books are great Basically the deal here is the book is like a catalog for the cd dvd of 360 poses If you use a computer to create art or for reference, you might want to look into just the dvd s without the book The book only has one shot or so from each 360 photo set The cd dvd that s included is all hi rez photos and a pdf file of the book so it s really worth the

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    I strongly recommend this book for any aspiring artist or anyone interested in figure study This is an extremely useful reference for any artist, but it s an especially powerful tool for the sculptor You not only a get a well lit full 360 degree eye level view of each pose, you can also view each pose both from high and low vantage points Truly invaluable for the sculptor I ve seen

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    I have bought many books like this over the years as an amateur illustrator I ll never be an artist But I like to draw for fun and sometimes profit But I need to see what I am drawing I can t do it in my minds eye Usually the models in books like this are like me Just average people But this one had some really beautiful women and men in action poses as well as static That alone was worth th

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