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As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride From Actor Cary Elwes, Who Played The Iconic Role Of Westley In The Princess Bride, Comes A First Person Account And Behind The Scenes Look At The Making Of The Cult Classic Film Filled With Never Before Told Stories, Exclusive Photographs, And Interviews With Costars Robin Wright, Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest, And Mandy Patinkin, As Well As Author And Screenwriter William Goldman, Producer Norman Lear, And Director Rob Reiner The Princess Bride Has Been A Family Favorite For Close To Three Decades Ranked By The American Film Institute As One Of The Top Greatest Love Stories And By The Writers Guild Of America As One Of The Top Screenplays Of All Time, The Princess Bride Will Continue To Resonate With Audiences For Years To ComeCary Elwes Was Inspired To Share His Memories And Give Fans An Unprecedented Look Into The Creation Of The Film While Participating In The Twenty Fifth Anniversary Cast Reunion In As You Wish He Has Created An Enchanting Experience In Addition To Never Before Seen Photos And Interviews With His Fellow Cast Mates, There Are Plenty Of Set Secrets, Backstage Stories, And Answers To Lingering Questions About Off Screen Romances That Have Plagued Fans For Years With A Foreword By Rob Reiner And A Limited Edition Original Poster By Acclaimed Artist Shepard Fairey, As You Wish Is A Must Have For All Fans Of This Beloved Film

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    Three stars InconceivableI do not think that word means what you think it means It s true it is barely conceivable that one could not adore As You Wish Inconceivable Tales from the Making of the Princess Bride But despite a deep and lasting fondness for the movie of course I own a copy , this was a mixed adventure, much like a stroll through the Fire Swamp Despite containing fencing, giants,

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    4.5 I m so mad at myself for waiting so long to read this.This book was absolutely delightful, and made me love The Princess Bride eventhan I already did So many of Cary s stories about quirky, unusual things that took place behind the scenes but are noticeable in the finished film, if you know where to look make me excited to re watch the movie yet again The only downside was the format I lo

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    I was the perfect audience for this memoir I have probably seen the movie The Princess Bride 100 times, and I ve read William Goldman s book so often that the cover is torn, the binding is broken and some pages are falling out Oh, and the song Storybook Love played at my wedding So yes, I am a fan As You Wish is the story of how the movie The Princess Bride got made Cary s perspective is the m

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    This is a deeply affectionate, engaging story of the making of the film The Princess Bride, as told by Wesley Cary Elwes It includes frequent sidebar comments from many of the other actors, the director, Rob Reiner, and others involved in creating this classic tale of pirates and princesses, wizards and giants, swordfighters and devious Sicilians True love And fights to the death As You Wish is

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    I am so tempted to give it 5 stars just for how much I love learning any new tidbit about this movie I am such a Princess Bride fan girl This is me when I found out the book existed THIS movie cover is my favorite see how the title is the same upside down The book covers how the different actors came together to be part of movie Cary talks about his nervousness and how sweet he was on Robin Cary

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    This is, by far and away, one of the warmest let s get together and talk about the making of my favorite movie books I ve ever read, but I really need to remember that it s really nothingthan that I ve already heard, from what seems like millions of sources, that Princess Bride touched them deeply and how it always seems to be a personal favorite film for each of us Hell, I find myself being one

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    I loved this warm hearted, nostalgic valentine for fans of this fairytale cult classic From its swashbuckling appeal to its humor and memorable lines, this film s journey is inconceivable to me It languished in development hell, was then mishandled promotionally leading to a box office flop only to become a generational, cultural phenomenon due to of all things, video Yet throughout this memoir, E

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    I have to say, first of all, that I love the Princess Bride It s one of the few stories where I love the movie as much as I love the book I can t remember the first time I watched it, whether it was on tv, or I rented it by chance from our local movie place My sister, who is not a fantasy fan, loves this movie Her best friend from high school loves this movie When my sister had to give a speech at

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    I remember seeing the Princess Bride at the dollar movie at the end of 1987 I loved it completely and wondered why I d never heard of it Of course, I was smitten by Westley I bought the book at the campus bookstore before I graduated the following year The movie has since become a classic and my children quote it better than I ever did.The actor playing Westley grew up and wrote a memoir on the maki

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    As with a few things in life, I discovered The Princess Bride late in life, this past week to be exact However, from the first scene onwards I was enthralled and in love Therefore, and because Ginger said it would be immensely funny and insightful, I had to read this book I m usually too sceptical about memoirs or making of books It tells the story of how Rob Reiner made the movie adaptation of Willi

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