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                        Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas (English Edition)
            Peak Oil, Scarcity, And Rising Prices No, The Energy Industry Is In A New Era Of Abundance And Price Pressure In Bits, Bytes, And Barrels, The Authors Give Valuable Context And Advice On How Digital Technologies Are Mandatory Tools For Progressive Energy Leaders To Turn Disruptive Challenges Into A Generational Opportunity Peter Tertzakian, Executive Director, ARC Energy Research InstituteBits, Bytes, And Barrels Comprehensively Lays Out The Issues And Opportunities For Digital Technologies In The Energy Business This Book Is Full Of Examples Where Digital Is Making A Bottom Line Impact For Companies And It Provides Pathways For How Companies Might Proceed In Their Own Digital Strategies The Authors Have Taken A Very Technical And Complex Subject And Made It Clear And Understandablea Great Handbook For Executives And IT Professionals Alike Brian Truelove, Former SVP And CIO, Hess CorporationTechnology, Innovation, And Business Model Changes Are Impacting Industry At A Rapid Paceyet In Some Cases, Not Fast Enough Bits, Bytes, And Barrels Is An Excellent Primer On Existing And Future Innovation Levers That The Energy Sector Can Incorporate To Improve Adaptability And Competitiveness Important Reading For Boards, The C Suite, And Those Looking To Understand How Technology Can Move The Needle Or Stand Up Effective Internal Innovation I Highly Recommend This Book Samantha Stuart, Vice President, Strategy And Corporate Development, TransCanadaBits, Bytes And Barrels Offers A Candid Discussion Of Not Only The Potential Uses For Digital, But Also The Possible Pitfalls Of Poorly Implemented Projects The Numerous Examples Explored Were Enlightening And Offered Proof Points Why Companies Should Act It Is A Welcomed Perspective That Should Be Helpful To Those Who Are Considering Greater Deployment Of Digital Technology In Their Organizations Tom Muecke, Retired After 40 Years In Upstream Research And Operations At A US SupermajorThis Is A Timely, Well Researched, Practical, And Insightful Book That Plugs A Much Needed Gap In The Market If You Are Looking For A One Stop Shop That Brings Together Key Digital Themes And Ideas In Oil And Gas In One Place, Then This Is Ithighly Recommended Dr John Pillay, Global Digital Transformation Director, WorleyParsonsThe Oil And Gas Industry Is At A Crossroads.Recent Low Prices, Rapidly Growing Alternative Fuels Like Renewables, The Permanent Swing From Peak Oil To Super Abundance, Shifting Consumer Preferences, And Global Pressures To Decarbonize Suggest A Challenged Industry For The Foreseeable Future Digital Advances Offer Ways To Lower Costs Of Production, Improve Productivity, Reduce Carbon Emissions, And Regain Public Confidence A Wait And See Attitude To Digital Innovation Has Failed Many Industries Already, And The Leaders Of Oil And Gas Urgently Need Guidance On How Digital Both Disrupts And Enhances Their Industry.Written By The Worlds Leading Experts On The Intersection Of Digital Technologies And The Oil And Gas Industry, Bits, Bytes, And Barrels Sets Out The Reasons Why Adoption Is Slow, Describes The Size And Scale Of Both The Opportunity And The Threat From Digital, Identifies The Key Digital Technologies And The Role That They Play In A Digital Future, And Recommends A Set Of Actions For Leaders To Take To Accelerate The Adoption Of Digital In The Business.Providing An Independent And Expert Perspective, Bits, Bytes, And Barrels Addresses The Impacts Of Digital Across The Breadth Of The Industryfrom Onshore To Offshore, From Upstream To Midstream To Integratedand Outlines A Roadmap To Help The Decision Makers At All Levels Of The Industry Take Meaningful Action Toward Promising And Rewarding Digital Adoption.

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    First of all this book does not JUST apply to Oil Gas The Title IMO should be The Digital Transformation of Industrial Engineering The Oil Gas Energy Industry is awash with an absolute plethora of Buzzwords Digital Twin Digital assets Digitisation Blockchain VR AI The internet of things, the list goes

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    Excellent book providing clear insights into how digital technologies are already changing the oil and gas industry and, importantly, how digital can help the industry achieve a step change in performance through further adoption I now have a better understanding of how digital technologies can transform the

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    An important read for anyone interested in the oil and gas digital world.It discusses the latest digital advancements and their current possible applications in our industry Written with no jargons, is a perfect book to whet the appetite for deeper understanding.

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    This is a great book for those that are tasked with understanding current digital trends in Oil and Gas and translating for upper management The author starts with digital foundations, illustrates with some leading tech examples, and then coaches on how to get this information up to the C Suite Easy to read style with relevan

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    This book gives incredible insight into the shifting market of Canadian and global energy Geoffrey Cann has sifted through the noise of data and painted a clear picture of where and what will be effected by technology in the near future A must read for any professional or decision maker within the energy industry.5 beaming stars

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