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Blockade Billy: Contains the chilling bonus story 'Morality' I m nothing than a casual Stephen King fan I specifically was in the mood to read a fictional baseball book and knowing Stephen King was a fan of the game, a simple google search lead me to Blockade Billy Though this book turned out to be a short story, I still really enjoyed it Its worth a shot for the sole reason of it ll take less than an hour to read Also take note, this review does not include the second story included with the bookIt had a hefty dose of suspense, and at a few moments gave me chills, but not thrilling enough to where I ll have to sleep with the light on so everything evened out nicely Just a very enjoyable baseball story with a suspense thriller twist to it that is not often found in stories on baseball It is worth mentioning, this is still a baseball book While I d say its easy to follow, there s a lot of baseball jive including stats, rules on the game, real life players of the time, are all included and might not gel with someone unfamiliar with the game But still, an enjoyable and short read Definitely didn t disappoint nor waste my time. I didn t buy this when I past it one day and I knew I would regret it, and then for some reason it became hard to find so I went to for it It s really worth the read, it s a baseball story that really speaks of King s love of baseball stories.You can find other things like this, the baseball episode of the X Files, The Sandlot Gang, Bull Durham, whatever, they are always a pleasure to experience always heartwarming, even if they do end with a bleak not In any case, stories like these are never really about what happened inside them, they are always about someone s love for the game. Worth reading if you have some time to kill but all in all not a very compelling story It reads like a documentary than the standard king fair, which doesn t detract from the story by any means but also doesn t do much to help it Being in a reflective interview style makes things feel less tense or engaging for myself at least, now take my interpretations as a non professional simple consumer as you will but confidence holds that some will agree kings conversational off the top style of writing doesn t work as well presented in this format of story telling All in all the general feel of the book never really reaches a peak and instead is of a placid tone story being told by an old man invigorated by the opportunity to share what hes seen Which is fine and i old no resentment towards a calmer handheld journey through a mans experiences but as a story taking king, the style, and the subject matter out of the equation your still left with a very bland retelling of what would have been an exciting time for someone invested in the events. Stephen King offers a short story filled with extreme unpredictability Upon reading the first few passages of Blockade Billy, the storyline line appears to be a recanting of a veteran ballplayer of the golden age of baseball of the 1950s However, not all of the story suggests that and does not appear to be the case for the narrator George Granny Grantham Indeed, his stories of exciting moments on the field are shared and how he encountered one of the most unique players he worked with, William Blakely otherwise known as Blockade Billy of the New Jersey Titans Granny tells these stories to King with much vivid detail and vigor as if one can actually picture the images of yesterday.Although the story is a work of fiction, King meticulously provides details and definite love for the game as told by Granny who had been the third base coach and equipment manager for the Titans He saw firsthand Billy s first step into the ball club and rise to notoriety as their catcher, but his fame did not happen over night The Titans had a string of catchers before Billy arrived, Johnny Goodkind and Frank Faraday, but unfortunately, each player experienced their own stumbles before relinquishing their place on the team that also included a history of misfits that were not at all angels on and off the field And to add to that trait, Billy possessed a few of his own upon his place on the team and the infamous Band Aid that he wore due during this first day However, as one reads the story, with every new player that happens to have the spotlight, a shed of information that Granny reveals shows to Billy s life before the Titans, he played for the Davenport Cornhuskers and before that went by the name of Gene Katsansis Katsanis had been hired by the Blakely family as a field hand It is this tidbit of the Billy s life that offers insight to what happened on the ball field when the Titans had winning and losing streaks and possibly why.Blockade Billy has the King trait that may entice his fans as well as curious readers The story has a bit of mystery and slight macabre but one that is subtly placed within the concluding portion of the story This is a recommended short book that may first have the reader wondering where the story will lead, but by the end, one may have whoa did that really happen Includes A Bonus Story MORALITY Which Has Never Before Appeared In A Book Unabridged Read By Craig Wasson And Mare Winningham Even The Most Diehard Baseball Fans Don T Know The True Story Of William Blockade Billy Blakely He May Have Been The Greatest Player The Game Has Ever Seen, But Today No One Remembers His Name He Was The First And Only Player To Have His Existence Completely Removed From The Record Books Even His Team Is Long Forgotten, Barely A Footnote In The Game S History Every Effort Was Made To Erase Any Evidence That William Blakely Played Professional Baseball, And With Good Reason Blockade Billy Had A Secret Darker Than Any Pill Or Injection That Might Cause A Scandal In Sports Today His Secret Was Much, Much Worse And Only Stephen King, The Most Gifted Storyteller Of Our Age, Can Reveal The Truth About The World, Once And For All The Bonus Story In MORALITY Is A Riveting Short About Chad, An Aspiring Writer Who Is Teaching In A School Until He Lands A Publishing Contract His Wife Nora Is Working As A Home Nurse For A Retired Minister Like Most People These Days, They Are Struggling Financially And Then Nora Is Approached By Her Employer With A Proposition That Could Make Their Dream Of A Home In Vermont A Reality But Will It Be Worth The Moral Consequences

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