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Box of Lies Explore A World Of Treachery And Terror A Crazy Lady Frets Over Pennies On The Sidewalk Men And Women Are Forced To March For Their Daily Bread And The End Of The World Doesn T Guarantee You A Trip Out In This Book Of Disturbing Tales, Maine Author Mark LaFlamme Questions Everything Who Killed JFK What Are They Hiding At Area What Really Happened On And Where Do We Go When We Die

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    Wow What a tremendously even collection of macabre ditties that deliver at almost every turn Get this now as an ebook for 3 bucks It s worth every penny I am going to write a real review but until I do add this to your TBR pile This collection needsattention andaccolades.

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    This is going into my collection of top short stories I d never heard of Mark LaFlamme before this book but after finishing this gem, I know he s going to be an author I readof I loved reading the author s thoughts on his short stories but I would have liked it better if these blurbs were either at the beginning or end of each story or at the beginning of the book.My favorites Table for One Simple, disturbing, with a premise that gets into your head and won t let go Pepper I found thi This is going i

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    One of my favorite short collections ever I really like this author.The stories run the gambit of genres from horror and dark fiction to dystopian future and science fiction but all deal with the theme of loss The characterization is varied and full I d love to read some flash fiction from Mr Laflamme.My favorite stories The...

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    I give this book of short stories 5 stars, not necessarily because I loved all of the stories, but because they are really well written and completely sucked me in I found the writing reminded me of Stephen King except instead of being scary these stories were extremely disturbing A few of the stories I found I could not wait until they were over but at the same time I could not stop reading them or skip to the next story because I just had to know how it turned out This is not the kind of bo I give this book of

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    To be honest I rated this before I had read 3 of the longer stories toward the back of the book I had put the book aside and forgotten about it After reading the last stories, I found those were my favorites, and though I am n...

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    This book is full of strong characters and frightening images Prepare to be enthralled by a ghost horse, an icy lake man, and a little girl who wants a dog Plan to be held hostage by this book it s not going to let you go.

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    Some of the stories were riveting and compelling, where I couldn t stop reading until the end Others were dry and a little boring, dragging on until I couldn t turn another page Definitely recommend the read though

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    This guy is GOOD Mark s great imagination shines in this collection of two dozen short horror stories Highly recommend to those who like horror stories with a twist and writers with a great sense of the macabre I thoroughly enjoyed the whole collection

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    Seereviews here

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    Dark, sometimes a little twisted, but the stories were each very enjoyable to read I think I enjoyed reading the afterward by the author the most.

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