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Chernobyl: The History of a Nuclear Catastrophe (English Edition) The author, a Ukrainian Professor at Harvard, writes a very detailed history of the disaster at Chernobyl, Ukraine This occurred under Gorbachev s watch, and surely hastened the declaration of Ukrainian independence.Plokhy is an excellent researcher and writer I felt that while reading this book, I was also gaining an understanding of the immense power of the aging directors of many of the important ministries in the USSR, who were in their 80s The book shows how the blame is ultimately placed on hte operators of the Chernobyl plant itself Belarus, with a population of 10 million, sustained the worst exposure to deadly radiation emitted by a type of reactor that is deemed so dangerous that it is not used in the U.S In the U.S all reactors have concrete containers yet the Chernobyl nuclear plant did not even have this rudimentary safety design Ukrainians came to the conclusion that the USSR was using Ukraine for its most dangerous construction, giving hope and confidence to Ukrainian nationalists The assignation of blame to the operating personnel, and not the planners of the reactor that spewed amazing amounts of radiation into the atmosphere, measurable even in Sweden, went to three men who received 10 year prison sentences No one in Moscow would take the blame the man designated to present an account of the disaster to the Internation Atomic Energy Commision in Vienna, succeeded on his 2nd suicide attempt It was clear that he presented the most honest account possible, highly lauded internationally, but considered too much by the minsters in Moscow In reading the book, I felt the tension for those who knew what actually happened who wished to tell the truth, and the bureaucrats in Moscow who were committed to NOT revealing weaknesses in the Soviet system Mikhail Gorbachev had hoped to lead the USSR into an economic recovery Instead, he presided over the ultimate decline of a government that accepted no new ideas, and those who actually had met Lenin had inordinate power In addition, there was a strong effort afoot to rewrite history and rehabilitate the national and international image of Josef Stalin.When I visited some of the new republics after 2000, I was amazed at how much still looked like the collection of Soviet states from the 1960s to the 1980s, with collapsing infrastructure It was necessary even in major cities to watch where you stepped because there were holes in the sidewalks that were not marked One could easily fall into a deep black hole While these new countries have tried to keep their own cultures intact, the whole system shows lack of investment and upgrading going back 30 to 70 years The disaster of the type at Chernobyl was inevitable.We see how Soviet justice is manipulated by someone who obviously knows it intimaately This book is an excellent read, especially if you lived through the time of Chernobyl, and the following collapse of the Soviet system that could not keep up wiwth American productivity in any way. A Masterful Account Of How The USSR S Bureaucratic Dysfunction, Censorship, And Impossible Economic Targets Produced The Disaster And Hindered The ResponseNew York Review Of Books Gripping, Meticulously Researched Mr Plokhy Mercilessly Chronicles The Absurdities Of The Soviet System And The Arrogance Of Its Apparatchiks But The Fact That He Grew Up Fewer Than Kilometers South Of Chernobyl Probably Accounts For His Vividly Empathetic Descriptions Of The People On The Ground The Plant Managers And Employees, The Firefighters, Soldiers And Others Who Risked Their Lives To Contain The DamageWall Street JournalThe Bare Outline Of The Chernobyl Fire And The Soviet Silence Have Been Well CoveredMr Plokhy, Who Directs The Ukrainian Research Institute At Harvard, Adds Much Detail To Theconstruction That Caused The Failure, And The False Assignment Of Blame To Operating Engineers His Most Telling Disclosures Deal With How The Soviet Subterfuges Played A Major Role In Ukraine S Decision To Become An Independent Nation Once The Soviet Union DisintegratedWashington TimesA Lucid Account Of How The Soviet Mania For Nuclear Power Combined With Endemic Shoddiness In The Industrial Sector And Near Paranoid Habits Of State Secrecy Led To The DisasterThe Most Comprehensive And Convincing History Of Chernobyl Yet To Appear In EnglishFinancial TimesThe First Comprehensive History Of The Chernobyl Disasterhere At Last Is The Monumental History The Disaster DeservesJulie McDowall,TimesA Work Of Deep Scholarship And Powerful Stroytelling Plokhy Is The Master Of The Telling DetailVictory Sebestyen,Sunday Times CompellingPlokhy S Well Paced Narrative Plunges The Reader Into The Sweaty, Nervous Tension Of The Chernobyl Control Room On The Fateful Night When Human Frailty And Design Flaws Combined To Such Devastating EffectGuardianPlokhy S Booksustains A Tone Of Thoughtful Observation That Is Neither Too Detached Nor Heavily Invested In A Particular Agenda He Delves Deeper Into The Political Fallout Of Chernobyl, Which Played A Significant Role In The Break Up Of The Soviet UnionNew Statesman HauntingPlokhy Svoice Is Humane And Inflected With Nostalgia His Chernobyl And Prypiat Emerge Vividly As Perhaps All Disaster Afflicted Cities Must As Shattered IdyllsSpectatorPlokhy Recounts The Circumstances Of The Accident And Its Aftermath In Painstaking DetailHe Tells The Story With Great Assurance And StyleA Fierce And At Times Personal Indictment Of The Ideology, Bureaucracy And Overconfidence Of The Soviet System, As Well As A Strident Condemnation Of All Modern States That Continue To Pursue Military Or Economic Objectives To The Detriment Of Their Populations And The EnvironmentLiterary Review From A Preeminent Historian Of Eastern Europe, The Definitive History Of The Chernobyl Nuclear DisasterOn The Morning Of April Europe Witnessed The Worst Nuclear Disaster In History The Explosion Of A Reactor At The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant In Soviet Ukraine Dozens Died Of Radiation Poisoning, Fallout Contaminated Half The Continent, And Thousands Fell IllIn Chernobyl, Serhii Plokhy Draws On New Sources To Tell The Dramatic Stories Of The Firefighters, Scientists, And Soldiers Who Heroically Extinguished The Nuclear Inferno He Lays Bare The Flaws Of The Soviet Nuclear Industry, Tracing The Disaster To The Authoritarian Character Of Communist Party Rule, The Regime S Control Of Scientific Information, And Its Emphasis On Economic Development Over All ElseToday, The Risk Of Another Chernobyl Looms In The Mismanagement Of Nuclear Power In The Developing World A Moving And Definitive Account, Chernobyl Is Also An Urgent Call To Action I purchased this book because I was interested to learn what I missed In April 1986 when the reactor exploded , I was a senior in high school, just weeks short of graduation and thus oblivious to the world Thorough in his approach, this book explores the disaster from the foundations back in the 1960 s when the Russian nuclear energy program was just getting started in Pripyat In painstaking and excrutiating detail, he explores the disaster step by step What I did not expect was the broader perspective he offered on Russian history since then The author asserts that one of the key reasons for the collapse of the USSR was Chernobyl Perhaps I am not sufficiently well read, but that was the first I had encountered that argument Based on his research and presentation, I find his argument quite compelling. I returned from a trip to Kiev and a tour of Chernobyl and Pripyat last week It is so interesting to read this book now I have been fascinated with the Chernibyl disaster for years and have a friend that was born in Pripyat and it was so great to see this book come out recently I also visited the Chernobyl museum in Kiev and so wish that I had read this book first At the museum there are photos, identification cards, and other memorabilia from many of the people discussed in this book I wish I had known at the time who each of these people were I highly recommend reading this book before going to Kiev if you plan to in the future I have read many details about the disaster online at a variety of sites and this book is a fabulous collection of everything in one place Yes, it does have a lot of politics in it, but that is very important to the event. Un valido aiuto per farsi un idea della catastrofe e delle conseguenze Con cronache dell epoca, scritto in lingua inglese. I ve read about everything I can find on Chernobyl I am an environmental engineering professor and I am most interested in the impacts of the explosion Nuclear engineering is not my specialty but it is easy to understand the problems that caused the explosion This account covers the explosion, the people involved and the consequences but not in the same detail that others have written, such as G Medevdve or Piers Paul Read I think the precise details of the event will never be known, but the author is a little kinder to Dyatlov He does state that most observers at the trial believed he was the most culpable Certainly Medevdve puts the blame squarely on Dyatlov for a variety of bad decisions What s different about this book is that it is current and contains information on the later effects the explosion We American s sometimes think we Ronald Reagan outspent the Soviet Union on star wars weapons, but I think the reality is different Their economy was bad and because of Chernobyl, people understood that they could not believe their government Soviet nuclear reactors are safe it is only in the capitalist west that profits are important than safety If you have not read much on Chernobyl then this book will give you a pretty complete understanding of the issues If you have read a lot, it will give you a little different view on the events leading up to and just after the explosion, but importantly, a new perspective on the later impacts of damage of the lies and secrecy of the Soviet system on its final demise.

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