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Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul Cats First Purred Their Way Into Human Hearts Thousands Of Years Ago, And Have Been Our Treasured Companions And Soul Mates Ever Since Whether Impish Kittens, Regal Adult Cats Or Serene Seniors, It S Impossible For Us To Remain Indifferent To Them Especially At AM When The Food Bowl Runs Dry So Smile At Their Many C Attitudes, And Feed Your Feline Passion By Purr Using Wonderful Stories Like These A Russian Blue Comforts His Mourning Owner By Faithfully Bringing Her Flowers An Heroic Red Tabby Manx Saves The Family He Loves From A Lethal Gas Leak In Their Home A Devon Rex With Extraordinary Talents Including Playing The Piano Expands People S Notions Of What A Cat Can Do A Fish Loving Shorthair Nearly Loses His Head While Scavenging In The Garbage Disposal But Lives To Meow About It A Three Legged Kitty Befriends A Lonely Third Grade Girl, Transforming Her World And Inspiring Her Future Success In LifeFrom Playful And Hilarious Accounts Of Life With Cats To Heartwarming Tales Of Cat Courage, Healing And Learning, Each Touching Story In Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover S Soul Celebrates The Special Bond We Share With Our Cats

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    Hello everyone I decided to help out and write this review for my mom I m Jupiter I m 10 years old I am a very handsome orange tabby I suggest this book to every cat who has a slightly emotional mother It will guarantee lots of petting My mom always likes to pet me when she is sad, mad, upset, etc She would read a story or two out of this book and then totally burst into tears, usually c

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    I m a cat person I currently have two of my own and could only wish forSo, on this streak of Chicken Soup books that I ve been reading lately, it only seemed appropriate to read the Cat Lover s Soul book.Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover s Soul is filled with the normal short stories of the Chicken Soup series They are broken down into different chapters titled, On Love , Celebrating the Bond ,

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    This is a special collection of true stories, all centered on our feline friends and their undeniable purrsonality.Divided into sections, the stories vary in age of cat and the lesson or moral of each story There is definitely something for every cat lover in this wonderful book Each account is heartfelt and will leave you feeling good.I the section on Love, Oscar the Garbage Can Kitty, lived in a

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    I found the book interesting It s filled with touching stories that remind me of my cat who s a rascal I think most people would like this book Unless they don t like catsIf you re a fast reader like I am I d suggest this book for a cool down It doesn t leave you hanging so you can read a story eat lunch and read the next story I ve read a lot of cat stories but this book defiantly has some of my favor

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    I ve never been shy about pledging my allegiance to dogs over cats, but I did find these cat stories in short doses to be of my liking Having never owned a cat, I only know what I do about their nature from books like this and the stories I ve heard from my cat loving friends These stories did a great deal to educate me, and while I don t see myself adopting one anytime soon, they showed me that cats can be

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    Hard to give a solid review of a Chicken Soup book, because it contains so many different things I laughed, I cried, I snuggled my kitty I learned about amazing things that cats have done and ways that they have brought joy and love to people who know them My mother gave me this book for Christmas because she knew I would like it and I did good job mom Kitty was pretty sure I should be spending my time loving he

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    For Cat Lovers Soul Buku yang akan membuat anda menteskan airmata haru akan kesetian dan kasih sayang, tertawa bahagia bahkan terpingkal2 dengan perilaku kucing, bahkan tersenyum karena nasehat nasehat yang diberikan.Diceritakan dengan bahasa yang ringan, setiap pecinta kucing, bahkan semua orang akan mengerti bahwa hewan kecil ini juga bisa menunjukkan sikap setia seperti hewan lainnya.You should have this book

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    This book was heart warming, funny, and at times sad It s full of stories about cats Cats who have saved lives, cats who have made a difference in someone s life there was even a cat who stayed with a troop of soldiers in Iraq until they returned to the United States the story Saving Private Hammer Any animal lover would enjoy this book Trust me, if you like animals, you won t be disappointed with this book.

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    A heartwarming read which you will enjoy if you are a feline fanatic These essays run the gamut from sad to hilarious, and everything in between Some will make you angry Many will leave you crying and remembering your own long passed cats I would suggest this as a gift for the cat lovers in your lives, and keep a copy for your own collection.

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    This is cheating, a bit, because I wrote the piece, Romeo and Juliet , a story of two ferals, included in this book I hope readers enjoy this true story of an extraordinary act of feline bravery and loyalty The latter is a word seldom used when describing cat, but I think that we underestimate our cats fierce fidelity when desperate situations arise Thanks for reading

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