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Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul (Chicken Soup for the Soul) The only book in the series that I have reread than 5 times already Cos you know Pets Made me coo and bawl.Just so everytime Recommended for the dog and cat parents.And yes, even though I am a dog person I totally get the stories on cats too Sweet Sweet Sweet reminder of all the pets I have loved and those pets I have had the occasion to meet I miss my dogs and cats Brownie, Wolfie, Ted, Shiloh, Mac, Titania, and Paradise I am preparing to add a new member to our family However the story of the pet Boa moved me NOT AT AL This is another goo Chicken Soup Book There are times that i laugh till i tear but there are times that my eyes collects tears and my heart aches in pains This book contains many happiness, joy, but also sadness I remember read one of the stories called Friends by Karen Del Tufo and i have this nostalgic feelings like when my fishes die In the story, Sam who is a dog was adopted by a couple This story full of stories is probably my favorite book ever It has humor, and sadness, and happiness combined It is such a great book, and I read and reread the stories over and over again I have been inspired by this book for than enough times, and it will continue to inspire me always. Heartwarming short stories 4 , because there are a few too simple and ordinary stories. This book made me cry than most, in the most heart wrenching kind of way If you have ever loved an animal, the stories in this book are sure to touch your soul There were a couple stories that were a bit too sappy or a bit melodramatic or a bit dated, which is why I gave the book 4 stars instead of My all time favorite series Makes me cry, laugh, wish, hope and dream than any series I have ever read I love animals than life itself so this book broke and relighted my heart overall and over It took weeks to get over some stories The tough stuff novel kept me crying way past my bed time On mothers and daughters I left a little piece of me between the pages It helped to reunite me with my family than any series I have ever read befor Siapapun yang sayang sama binatang mah pasti seneng seneng aja baca buku ini Jelas bukan bacaan yang tepat sebagai teman mengantre atau menunggu di ruang publik karena itu sama dengan menangis di tempat umum, haha Saya nangis waktu membaca buku ini di antrean bank p Untuk buku dengan kontributor superbanyak, sepertinya editor cukup banyak berperan karena saya mendapati adanya keseragaman gaya bercerita Bukan masalah besar karena gaya berceritanya ya asyik2 aja sih Mari lanju Animals Bring Out The Goodness, Humanity And Optimism In People And Speak Directly To Our Souls This Joyous, Inspiring And Entertaining Chicken Soup Collection Relates The Unique Bonds Between Animals And The People Whose Lives They Ve Changed Such As The Dolphins Who Helped A Paralyzed Woman Heal When Doctors Offered Little Hope The Dog Who Brought Life Into A Failing Marriage The Kitten Who Helped A Mother Mourn And The Flying Squirrel Who Taught A Man The Power Of Laughter Packed With Celebrity Pet Lore, Chicken Soup For The Soul Relates The Unconditional Love, Loyalty, Courage And Companionship That Only Animals Possess Just Like Our Furry, Feathered And Four Legged Friends, This Enchanting Book Will Bring A Smile To Any Pet Lover S Face And It S Housebroken This book is a must read Even though I haven t had the chance to have a pet but I will someday , I love all most creatures, especially cats, dogs, pigs and sheep 3It made me laugh, cry yes, mostly cry , think, and have hope It has tons of short adorable stories, so be sure to check

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