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Classic Human Anatomy in Motion: The Artist's Guide to the Dynamics of Figure Drawing This Essential Companion Book To The Bestselling Classic Human Anatomyprovides Artists And Art Students With A Deeper Understanding Of Human Anatomy And Different Types Of Motion, Inspiring Realistic And Energetic Figurative Art Fine Art Instruction Books Do Not Usually Focus On Anatomy As It Relates To Movement, Despite Its Great Artistic Significance Written By A Long Time Expert On Drawing And Painting Human Anatomy, Classic Human Anatomy In Motionoffers Artists Everything They Need To Realistically Draw The Human Figure As It Is Affected By Movement Written In A Friendly Style, The Book Is Illustrated With Hundreds Of Life Drawing Studies Both Quick Poses And Long Studies , Along With Charts And Diagrams Showing The Various Anatomical And Structural Components This Comprehensive Manual Features Distinct Sections, Each Focusing On A Different Aspect Of The Human Figure Bones And Joint Movement, Muscle Groups, Surface Form And Soft Tissue Characteristics, Structure, And Movement Each Chapter Builds An Artistic Understanding Of How Motion Transforms The Human Figure And Can Create A Sense Of Expressive Vibrancy In One S Art

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    This is an excellent companion to the author s previous book, Classic Human Anatomy While the previous book focuses on detailed anatomy information, this book has on applying anatomy in drawing the figure I really like the chapters on landmarks, planes structure, and movements with lots of nuggets of information that enable you to depict the human figure

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    The most comprehensive artist anatomy book out there no other even comes close to comparing The illustrations, her way of explaining proportion while using analogies is fantastic I love referencing this when doing a figure facial drawing painting for the advanced artist, but I can see a beginner being able to grasp it quite well Very pleased.

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    I ordered this book on Kindle I am very satisfied with the information, illustrations, and format of the Kindle edition I have Ms Winslow s first Classical Anatomy book in hardcover and have use it extensively This second book contains a lot of information and details that makes it an excellent continuation of Ms Winslow s first anatomy book I rate this boo

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    Valerie Winslow teaches a master class in human anatomy as it relates to drawing the figure in this book Along with her previous book I think it would be difficult to find in depth information on human anatomy and drawing anywhere else Although it does require you READ and there is a lot of text in both her books to fully understand and grasp everything Loo

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    Best anatomical reference for figure drawing EVERRR You can get assistance with different views anatomically and also have drawings for references Tough spot to catch Open the book to a reference and it will help you visualize and correct your shortcomings in the specific area of your figure from multiple angles of illustrations This is a reference book I wil

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