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Death Mask (Dr Anya Crichton Book 5) (English Edition) Originally published in 2011, the issues this book raises have still not been adequately addressed by any professional body Although fictional, Death Mask exposes the very real safety, ethical and moral standards that are routinely sacrificed in order for professional male footballers, team coaches and managers to sustain the illusion that football is family entertainment.Slower paced than her previous books, primarily due to the wealth of vested interests wanting to maintain the status quo, there are than enough twists and turns to keep the reader fully engaged Although it is set in the context of American football, the problems identified are endemic to all codes anywhere the tribe mentality is fostered. ok Fox is writing about a subject she knows only too well the trauma of rape A death mask traditionally was a cast taken of a criminal after execution, but that is not what is meant here It is about the industry of denial and protection of famous wrongdoers criminal behavior in any other context Well plotted, well written, fans of the whodunnit will enjoy this book. I cant get enough of this author Each story starts in one direction then whirlpools back in the most unusal ways. When The Victim Of A Violent Gang Rape Accuses Five Premier Sportsmen Of Being Her Attackers, She Has No Idea That Her Suffering Has Only Just BegunIt S A Scandal That Rock A Nation Of Sports FansBut, In Spite Of A Huge Amount Of Evidence, No One Seems To Believe The GirlSo When Dr Anya Crichton, With Her Forensic And Sexual Assault Expertise, Is Asked To Get Involved, Albeit On Behalf Of The Team Managers, She Knows She Can T Say NoBut As She Investigates Further, She Realises That The Scandals, Violence And Abuses Run Much Deeper, And Much Further Into The Past Than She Could Ever Have Imagined

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