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Detail in typographie This is a relatively small book, but it packs a lot into a short space It is authoritative in that it does not provide reasons or explanations for the typographic suggestions it makes So look for a longer, analytical work if you need explanations This is a handy reference that shows the minimums needed to set good looking type It is a handy reference to keep nearby when looking at typesetting projects that offer challenges Using this booklet, you have an additional tool to help get well crafted type. Far less comprehensive than Bringhurst s The Elements of Typographic Style, but a good summary of the basics. Fascinating book Everybody with an interest in typography should read it. This little book about the size of a trade paperback has about 60 pages of content.I assume its 22 price tag is due to a very small print run, which pushed up the unit cost.I think the book has value and does include many important details that help define the difference between OK and professional typography But the ratio of content to price is a little out of whack. The best for type nerds Small and short which I like to carry around as a handbook for referencing. An Attractive, Interesting Layout Can Certainly Attract And Please The Reader But When The Details Are Not Good, Reading Requires Effort And Any Pleasure Is Short Lived Detail In Typography Is A Concise And Close Up View Of The Subject Letters, Words, The Line, And The Space Around The Elements And It Discusses What Is Essential For The Legibility Of The Text Yet This Is Than A Guide To Correct Typography How Is It, Hochuli Asks, That Text Can Be Set Perfectly And Yet Look Insufferably Dull Answers May Be Found Here, Not Least In The Way The Book Itself Has Been Set And Produced

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