[Epub] ↠ Energy Transitions: Global and National Perspectives Autore Vaclav Smil – Vehikool.co.uk

Energy Transitions: Global and National Perspectives This Book Provides A Detailed, Global Examination Of Energy Transitions, Supplying A Long Term Historical Perspective, An Up To Date Assessment Of Recent And Near Term Advances In Energy Production Technology And Implementation, And An Explanation Of Why Efforts To Limit Global Warming And To Shift Away From Fossil Fuels Have Been Gradual Presents Historical Coverage Of Energy Production, Energy Use, And Key Technical And Economic Factors That Affect The Currently Unfolding Transitions Offers Insightful Analysis Of Energy Transitions On Both The National And Global Scale To Explain The Possibilities And Limitations Of The Process Supplies A Critical Appraisal Of New Renewable Conversions That Makes Clear Their Advantages And Potential Benefits As Well As Their Inherent Unavoidable Limitations Enables General Readers To Gain An In Depth Understanding Of Energy Transitions From The Perspective Of An Acclaimed Scientist With Expertise In The Fields Of Energy, Environmental And Population Change, Technical Innovation, And Public Policy According to author Vaclav Smil, President Barack Obama s energy policy has raised unrealistic expectations for rapid energy transitions The degree of disappointment will be phenomenal, Smil warned in an interview with the New York Times in November 2008 There will be precious little rapid change, as energy systems are inherently inertial and energy transitions take decades to accomplish.

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