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Fairytales for Wilde Girls A Deliciously Dark Bubblegum Gothic Fairytale From A Stunning New Australian TalentHe S Gone The Same Way As Those Little Birds That Bothered Me With Their Awful Songs And You Will Too, You And Your Horrible Heart Music, Because You Won T Stay Out Of My Woods There S A Dead Girl In A Birdcage In The Woods That S Not Unusual Isola Wilde Sees A Lot Of Things Other People Don T But When The Girl Appears At Isola S Window, Her Every Word A Threat, Isola Needs HelpHer Real Life Friends Grape, James And New Boy Edgar Make Her Forget For A While And Her Brother Princes The Mermaids, Faeries And Magical Creatures Seemingly Lifted From The Pages Of The French Fairytales Isola Idolises Will Protect Her With All The Fierce Love They PossessIt May Not Be EnoughIsola Needs To Uncover The Truth Behind The Dead Girl S Demise And Appease Her Enraged Spirit, Before The Ghost Steals Isola S Last Breath

About the Author: Allyse Near

I m a twenty six year old writer, magical girl and ghost enthusiast.My d but novel, Fairytales for Wilde Girls , was published in June, 2013, by Random House Australia It s a pulp fable about grunge girls, Victorian ghosts, and slightly sinister talking rabbits Your grandma will love it I do love making new friends So come and strike up a chat on my Twitter, Facebook, or my Tumblr blog.I also have a secondary blog, which serves as an outlet for my obsession for all fairy stories dark and lovely.I m repped by the magnanimous Pippa Masson.

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    Am I allowed to rate my own book I suppose it must be so, because no celestial Goodreadian deity has cursed me down yet.Anyway, this is my first ever book It s weird and creepy and lyrical and tender It s got grungy schoolgirls, fizzy morsels of pop culture, a book within a book and a sinister talking rabbit It s not just for girls Your grandp

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    Q Isola Wilde was watching television with her brother Alejandro.She was an only child c Q You smoke said the boy Only passively, said the girl I mean dope What d you call me c Q Alejandro had told her that, in his experience, people were all about the empty spaces the things they don t have, the words that aren t said.Q she had a secret universe a doc

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    The cover of this book is beautiful though it does not prepare you at all for what s inside I couldn t put it down Like actually Father Daughter, put the book down and eat dinner.Mother Daughter, put the book down and get ready for school.Friend Oi, put the book down and listen to my issues.Teacher Student, put the book down and do some physics.Me This novel,sc

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    Bubblegum gothic is an apt description for this unique novel I liked it a lot, even though it confused me quite a bit Sort of reminded me of an eventrippy The Raven Boys Never saw that ending coming, either.The style is a little difficult at first but once you get used to it the story shines The prose is lyrical and the characterization of Isola is strong I think her br

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    Fairytales for Wilde Girls is Australian author, Allyse Near s, first novel Set in the small village of Avalon in England, sixteen year old Isola Wilde lives with her parents on the edge of Vivien s Woods Isola has two best friends Grace aka Grape , and James She also has friends that only she can see, they are her brother princes, named after a band of brothers in a fairytale

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    The time has come to say what I really think And what I really think isI FREAKING LOVED IT I honestly dont even know where to begin So I will subhead Lets do this thiiiing.The WritingAbove and beyond brilliant Allyse s style is one of its own, so distinct that you could never mix her work up with anyone elses Theres a touch of the old school about it for me reminiscent of Dickens, Austen

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    Seereviews at YA Midnight Reads3.5 stars Mini review Thank you Random House Australia for sending me this copy No compensation was given or taken to alter this review I wasn t necessarily disappointed with Fairytales for Wilde Girls, I wasat loss in anything Nevertheless, Allyse Near s debut was rather pleasing despite a number of imperfections A mix between fantasy and contemporary, despite the

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    From the first page of this wonderful book, I knew it was going to be something special The writing style is quirky and densely poetic and you re thrown headlong into a world that blends magic realism, urban fantasy and fairytale motifs It s rare to find a book that you want to keep reading not for the plot but for the details you hope to discover on the next page the world building and the juicy imagery

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    I was given an ARC of this title at work, and it is one of the most perfect books I ve read in the last year Perhaps best summed up by the description given on the back cover bubblegum gothic love it , it is both traditionally child fairytale traditional and adult dark fairytale in turns.Not one for younger readers as the mental health issues described are disturbing, it is one I ll be recommending to teens and ad

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    4.5 stars.yays the writing THE WRITING THE WRITING the characters the plot pacing settingnays how the plot was written will explain in proper review the beginning i.e first 50 pages or so really confused me wish that the whole james characterisation was a littlein depth drawn outexpect a review on friday link to review 4.5 stars.yays the writing THE WRITING THE WRITING the characters the plot pacing settingnays how the plo

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