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Fantasy! Cartooning The Sizzling Hot Author Of Action Cartooning , Copies Sold Has Created A Truly Fantastic Second Book A Visually Eye Popping, Covers It All Manual On Drawing And Understanding Fantasy Art A Former Marvel Cartoonist And One Of The Most Talented Young Artists In This Very Hip Field, Ben Caldwell Now Delivers His Thrilling Follow Up To Action Cartooning Fantasy Cartooning Is Ideal For All Kids And Adults Who Love The Lord Of The Rings Movies, Anticipate The Christmas Release Of The Chronicles Of Narnia Film, Or Have Ever Read A Harry Potter Book As Before, Ben Does Not Merely Teach Readers How To Draw A Line Here Or A Circle There He Provides Much, Much Artists Will Find True Insider Tips On How To Create Mind Blowing Scenes, Awe Inspiring Monsters, Bigger Than Life Heroes, And Really Incredible, Magical Landscapes And Because Ben Caldwell Knows The Fantasy Genre Inside Out, He Explains All The Complex Stories And Legends Behind Each Image, Too

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    Ben Caldwell is a supremely talented artist with an appealing, distinct art style that is fun, whimsical, diverse, aware, and intricately detailed, despite the cartoony veneer.In his art reference book, Caldwell goes over art basics, outlining gender details first, archetypical examples next, then turning the reader loose to create their own vision.In this short book, there are amazing examples of what can be done, but not enough guidance

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    Ben Caldwell loves to draw And he loves to tell about how he loves to draw His new book, Fantasy Cartooning is a delightful and entertaining look at how to draw heroes, creatures, rogues and maidens.Ben s style of art is reminiscent of the current and popular animated style, and he gives step by step instruction on how to construct characters Along with his drawings, Ben provides annecdotes about the mythos of fantasy and heroes,and just what

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    This product brings back memories When I was 5 years old, drew a lot because of this book It even helped me win awards in the summer fair as a kid Then I slowly lost the ability to draw 13 years later, I can barely draw stick figures I bought this book again and now I think I can start drawing again.As far as packaging goes, it was great The product s condition was used, but not unusable.

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    I ve spent the better half of a year coveting this book After reading the great reviews, I finally splurged and purchased it I do not regret this purchase.Fantasy Cartooning is split into four parts Cartoon Magic Heroes and Villians The Fair Folk and Ancient Beasts.The examples are presented in pencil drawings, which I personally prefer over the finalized inked versions so many How to Draw books present What I like best about Mr Caldwell s book is that

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    Action Cartooning teaches you how to draw the human figure pretty thoroughly, so there s not much left for Fantasy Cartooning Instead, Fantasy Cartooning expands on the lessons by offering different suggestions of what Feel to give your drawings to make them fantasy like From how to draw an old and powerful wizard to how to draw hordes of tiny goblins Fantasy Cartooning also covers how to draw other races of fantasy, giving instructions on how to draw every

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