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Figure It Out! Human Proportions: Draw the Head and Figure Right Every Time It wasn t what I was expecting, but it ended up surprising me Very in depth But easily understood. When The Proportions Are Right, The Drawing Looks Right Most Artists Whose Work Features The Human Head And Figure Don T Have The Time Or Opportunity To Draw Directly From Models, So It S Essential That They Acquire The Skills And Tools To Draw Them Accurately Without Using Direct Reference Now, Thanks To Chris Hart S Foolproof Method, Even Beginners Can Quick Check The Proportions Of Their Head And Figure Drawings, Identify Errors, And Swiftly Fix Mistakes Richly Illustrated With Drawings From Various Angles, This Follow Up To Hart S Bestselling Figure It Out Includes Step By Step Demonstrations And Lessons That Lead Readers Through The Process I have a lot of drawing books, but this looked like a good, concise review of proportions, which is always something that trips many artists up It was actually much in depth than I expected I have other books that provide good, general info on proportions, but this covered everything I could think of Things I didn t even know they had rules for For example, how big to make the eye in side view How far back to place the eye in side view, etc Everything is accounted for how big to make the hands feet, how long the arms are, etc etc.However, at least one of the drawings in the book is not right The illustration on page 59 comes to mind A mini lesson on a 3 4 view head, where the ear is WAY too far forward Looks very bizarre I don t think anything else jumped out at me, and things seemed to mesh with what I ve read in other books, so I d definitely recommend this one, especially if you re needing to know how to draw the human body from imagination, like if you re doing comic or illustration work. I ve read a lot of books on drawing and this is great if you are looking for a guide to sketching people as opposed to figure drawing, which is far detailed I enjoy sketching, quick drawings that capture the feel of the scene, and wanted to include people, but had issues with proportion no longer This book allowed me to make rapid progress in this regard It covers all the parts of people as well as the whole person in a way that makes it easy to look at a person and then draw them It does not go into great detail on how to make photo realistic drawings, rather it discusses the basic idea behind proportion of faces, hands, feet, whole bodies, etc.I particularly liked how the first third or half of the book was not committed to materials, like many art instruction books If you have one of that type of book you don t need any , yet almost every publisher appears to start off with a huge chunk of pages on that topic in every book they publish this book does not suffer from that annoying feature.Lots of illustrations and text a good balance of describing the ideas behind the techniques and examples of how to implement them This is not one of those Three easy steps to painting the Mona Lisa for Non Painters books The author shows steps in enough detail that I had no issues following what they were suggesting.I liked this book well enough to get another book by the same author Figure it out The Beginners Guide to Drawing People which is also a great book with the same approach to solid content and lack of fluffy copy and paste filler. Its good if you like the writers style I recommend going out of order Start working on proportions before drawing the face Spend a lot of time on proportions then learn to draw the eyes, nose, ears.After that move on to muscle groups Spend a few days on each, at least 3 hours a day You will get good quick as long as you learn to self correct Also another tip Use blue pencils for your rough and restate the lines Then finish with normal pencils over the blue.

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