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Grafica De Les Rambles: The Signs of Barcelona [Lingua Inglese] The book is good, but don t buy it from 24 of the full page spreads yes, I was so mad that I counted them were glued together well beyond the seam and the images were ruined I tried pulling the pages apart and they tore open leaving large white patches in the center of the photo It completely ruins the point of a full bleed spread I am returning it and going to buy it at a bookstore where I can verify this won t be a problem I still love Louise Fili and her books, sorry to give a low rated review, but this is based on the quality of the books sold on. Travel, typography and signage is what unites certain graphic designers or typophiles the world over, especially when it comes to social media posts or personal photo albums Having a visual collection of unique typographic signs in a keepsake book keeps the love of these pieces well and alive, at least in photographic terms For the over past 40 years, New York art director designer Louise Fili has made it her creative mission armed with camera, tripod and comfy walking shoes to travel throughout her favourite cities and capture the typographic beauty she s found before they are lost to the elements of weather, nature or man itself.With design support from her team of talented designers, this third book in a series showcases the beauty that Barcelona streets have to offer While previous volumes covered the typographic signage of Paris Italy, this one takes a closer look the distinctive qualities of this Catalan city by the sea Broken into sections covering modernist, art deco, cursive lettering, and mosaics to monograms, architectural and eclectic, each image allows the viewer to really focus on the nuances and details of each piece of typography Many are original type styles or letterforms giving it a distinctive uniqueness like no other.A lovely story introduces Grafica de les Rambles , explaining how the previous books were created out of a sense of urgency, to visually capture these incredible typographic artworks before they vanished completely She continued on with Barcelona, mapping out her trip using Google Street View but was devastated when one of her favourite shop fronts was seemingly erased minutes before her arrival Fortunately, through her personal account being shared in the news, an email from a family member of the shop was able to easily reinstall the sign removed for safety reasons after the photo studio closed the year before upon her return to the city Fili documented the reinstallation of the exquisite typography, with 15 proud family members in front of the location as a tribute to them and the many other small businesses who managed to keep the city s historic signage alive.That is what this wonderful series is all about keeping what was once lost or at risk of being erased, and bringing it to life again for past, present and future generations I discovered other countries e.g Japan doing similar publications, but not on the same visual scale and attention that Louise Fili has taken I look forward to her next edition and am thankful to all who continue to document the beauty they discover, wherever in the world they find them themselves. From The Labyrinthine Paths And Serene Squares Of The Gothic Quarter To The Stunning Art Nouveau Architecture Of The Eixample, Barcelona Is A Place Of Irresistible Charm Throughout This Beloved Catalan City By The Sea, Dazzling Signage Is Everywhere Glowing Mosaics And Stained Glass, Intricately Carved Stonework And Brilliantly Gilded Placards That Herald The City S Eclectic Mix Of Commerce, All Documented With Affection And A Dash Of Obsession By Celebrated Graphic Designer Louise Fili Grfica De Les Rambles Is Fili S Travelogue And Photographic Diary Of The Most Striking And Inventive Signs For Restaurants And Hotels, Farmcias And Pastisserias, The Workshops Of Artisans, And Grand Department Stores This Follow Up To Graphica Della Strada The Signs Of Italy And Graphique De La Rue The Signs Of Paris Is A Love Letter To Barcelona And A Trove Of Inspiration

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