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Graphic Design: The New Basics How Do Designers Get Ideas Many Spend Their Time Searching For Clever Combinations Of Forms, Fonts, And Colors Inside Thedesign Annuals And Monographs Of Other Designers Work For Those Looking To Challenge The Cut And Paste Mentality Thereare Few Resources That Are Both Informative And Inspirational In Graphic Design The New Basics, Ellen Lupton, Best Selling Author Of Such Books As Thinking With Type And Design It Yourself, And Design Educator Jennifer Cole Phillips Refocus Design Instruction On The Study Of The Fundamentals Of Form In A Critical, Rigorous Way Informed By Contemporary Media, Theory, And Software Systems Through Visual Demonstrations And Concise Commentary, The New Basics Shows Students And Professionals How To Build Interest And Complexity Around Simple Relationships Between Formal Elements Of Two Dimensional Design Such As Point, Line, Plane, Scale, Hierarchy, Layers, And Transparency The New Basics Explains The Key Concepts Of Visual Language That Inform Any Work Of Designfrom A Logo Or Letterhead To A Complex Web Site It Takes A Fresh Approach To Design Instruction By Emphasizing Visually Intensive, Form Based Thinking In A Manner That Is In Tune With The Latest Developments In Contemporary Media, Theory, Art, And Technology Colorful, Compact, And Clearly Written, The New Basics Is The New Indispensable Resource For Anyone Seeking A Smart, Inspiring Introduction To Graphic Design And Destined To Become The Standard Reference Work In Design Education

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    Had to buy this for my class The best way to learn graphic design is through trial and error This may be a good reference to use but not truly helpful.

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    I had to buy this for a course and I found the book to be extremely helpful If I hadn t had to buy it for the course, I most likely would have bought it anyway Great value for the price The book provides excellent examples for a variety of design concepts Each chapter is accompanied by a generous collection of full color graphics to help fully convey the message of the chapter I found this book very useful and would definitely recommend to others.

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    Not what I expected Donated it to the library.

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    used for an indesign class it is very interesting.

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    Great for beginners to the art of graphic design, but i found the book to be lacking in solid instructions to the art Most of the book is either too basic or open ended I however did find a decent amount of chapters useful If its on sale then i would recommend.

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