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Human Anatomy for Artists: The Elements of Form Eliot Goldfinger, A Realistic Sculptor And Instructor Of Human And Animal Anatomy, Has Designed And Written A Reference Work For Artists And Art Students On The Visual And Descriptive Components Of Human Anatomy The Format Is Simple And Accessible All Information About One Aspect Of A Topic Is Set Forth On Facing Pages For Example, The Anterior Leg Muscle Is Illustrated In A Series Of Precise Anatomical Drawings And Well Lit Photos, With Text On Origin, Insertion, Action, Structure, And How It Relates To Creating Surface Form Directly Opposite The Pictures Unique To This Book Are Photographs Of A Series Of Sculptures Which Show The Basic Volumes Of The Figure, Revealing The Basic Principle Of The Dynamic Between The Form Units Of The Body No Other Artistic Anatomy Book Is So Well Organized, Detailed, And Clearly Rendered, And Its Illustrations Are Of Exceptional Quality really needs to separate the ebook from regular book reviews The regular hardback is an easy 5 stars In the Kindle version, the images are a little too compressed, and although they get the point across, are to low resolution for this kind of technical book Just zooming in a little bit on a hi rez tablet, and you see texels and compression way too early in the illustrations, and you can hardly make out the muscle fibers, etc that are so clearly illustrated in the original image This anatomy book, originally a fairly large and heavy technical AND illustration hardback is a standard in the film game industry, and the illustrations, are expertly rendered with painstaking detail by the author aught to give these types of technical books, or any illustration book for that matter, a MUCH higher memory allowance than they are allowing these days I was hoping this book was available as an ibook where visual quality would probably be given a higher priority, but is not yet available 11 2015 , hence buying the version. Ho sempre desiderato cimentarmi con l anatomia artistica e ho trovato questo volume molto interessante Allego qualche disegno che ho realizzato a matita e a china. Complete and detailed book Human Anatomy for Artists The Elements of Form by Goldfinger is just perfect, especially if you want to know where the muscles actually attach to bone, something many anatomy books for artists simply don t cover The Goldfinger book, for each muscle or group of muscles, has one or side by side series of illustration and photos that shows the naked bones in a given area with highlights that show you the surface areas where an individual muscle attaches, even if that muscle is an underlying muscle that normally is completely covered by surface muscles the muscle or muscles in question attached to their bones in isolation no other muscles illustrated all the muscles in the given area to show the relation ship between them and the muscle that is the subject of the series, even if the muscle in question is virtually covered up a photo of a well toned human model in the same pose as the illustration series with labels to the various muscles one or cross sections up to five or of the area being illustrated with each muscle labeled to show clearly how the muscles over lap and lay across each other and the underlying bone if necessary, the model will be shown in a pose that shows how an underlying, virtually hidden muscle is important to the artist when the subject is in a certain pose e.g., an underlying muscle can lift and change the form of the surface muscles when it is in contraction and or the body is in a certain pose a series of mass diagrams that may be of use in building a shorthand for the muscle or group in question It s not just a picture book It has a lot of descriptive text for each of the series of illustrations, and covers aspects important to artists, such as the different types of muscle fibers, etc.I counted at least 17 of these series dealing just with attachments to the clavicle, but I might have missed some since the organization is by area trunk, neck, upper arm, forearm, etc and there are a lot of attachments to the clavicle from than one of these areas Also, there may be than one series dedicated to a given muscle or group of muscles so that it is shown from back, front, side, and or above, sometimes The illustrations are as good or better than the best I ve ever seen in any other anatomy book, especially ones for artists, which can be sketchy to a degree.I really don t think you need a library of anatomy books if you get just this one. I own the hardcover version of this book I purchased the kindle addition, but am very dissapointed with the low quality of the image scans that were taken of the diagrams from the original text for the kindle The drawings are badly washed out in many cases with multiple contour lines are missing It was a waste of money to buy this version With a little care in the scanning process this could have been available tool for many artists, but little was given Artists who buy anatomy books generally expect image the images in such books to be better than low grade photocopies In digital format there is no reason these scans should be so bad other than carelessness on the part of the person doing the scanning. Pochi libri di anatomia sono altrettanto ben fatti, finalmente non servir fare un corso di medicina avanzata per capire come ogni singolo muscolo si collega allo scheletro e, soprattutto, come appare quando coperto dalla pelle Bellissimo, vale sicuramente il suo prezzo.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Human Anatomy for Artists: The Elements of Form book, this is one of the most wanted Eliot Goldfinger author readers around the world.

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