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Human Figure This Great Classic Is Still Unrivalled For Its Clear, Detailed Presentation Of Thousands Of Fundamental Features Of The Human Figure Every Element Of The Body Such As The Overhang Of The Upper Lip The Puckering At The Corners Of The Mouth The Characteristic Proportions Of The Head, Trunk, Limbs, Etc The Tension Between Connected Portions Of The Body Etc Is Carefully And Concisely Pointed Out In The Text Even Helpful Are The Pencil And Charcoal Drawings That Illustrate Each Feature So That You Are, In Effect, Shown What To Look For By A Master TeacherThe Result Is The Only Art Instruction Book Which Not Only Illustrates Details Of The Body But Directs Your Attention At Every Stage To A Host Of Subtle Points Of Shading, Curvature, Proportion, Foreshortening, Muscular Tension, Variations Due To Extreme Age Or Youth, And Both Major And Minor Differences In The Structure And Representation Of The Male And Female Figure Comprehensive Discussions And Drawings Cover The Eyes Nose, Mouth And Chin Ear Head, Trunk, Back And Hips Neck, Throat, And Shoulder Shoulder And Arm Hand And Wrist Leg Foot The Complete Figure And Other Interdependent Groups Of Structures This Is The Human Figure As The Artist, Art Student, And Art Teacher Must Know It In Order To Avoid Many Deceptive Errors Unfortunately Common In Much Modern Portraiture, Painting, And Illustrative Art

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    Il volumetto molto, forse fin troppo, descrittivo La qualit delle immagini andrebbe rivista prima di una successiva ristampa, molte appaiono come fotocopie di fotocopie di fotocopie, un po sbiadite e non comprensibilissime.Non lo trovo molto utile, non ha un approccio didattico utile anche se dovrebbe essere

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    Un libro non per principianti, ma da degli spunti di riflessione utilissimi anche a chi alle prime armi Vengono analizzate singolarmente le varie parti del volto e del corpo, in modo da comprendere meglio le forme e la loro realizzazione.

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    A good book that has not to be intended as a complete course for learning artistic anatomy, but a nice complement on the subject It contains beautiful illustrations The text nicely covers the external shape of the body but with little information about the underlying anatomy of bones and muscles.

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    New reprint The pictures in this book are scans of scans of scans The pictures are grainy, fuzzy, and sometimes different than what is in the original version The poor scans almost make this version unusable If you can find an original, get it.

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    I used extensively a copy of the book from the local library and loved it so much that I decided to own one I ordered the same Dover edition and was disappointed to find out that the quality of the print is much worse than the copy from the library The bad rating is only due to the poor reprint, the book itself is great

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    This book was a difficult read for me The material was good, but the writing, ambitious Thumbnail illustrations are too small and often ill placed Pros with an existing knowledge of anatomy will fare better than those looking for a quick, how to lesson.

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    This is a must read study and copy text for art students Be aware that over the years the reproductions are losing details as if something were being copied from a copy etc What you would expect from etchings but not a modern printing process.

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    I bought this used in very good condition from Yellow Square Books and it arrived with the cover falling off, frayed edged and writing need pages.The book itself is a great tool for learning form though, 4 4 for the book if it were remotely in good condition.

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