In the Picture: Self-Portaits 1958-2011 MOBI ´ In the

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In the Picture: Self-Portaits 1958-2011 This is Friedlander s third book of self portraits the first published by Haywire Press in 1970 45 images , the second published in 2000 by Fraenkel Gallery 77 images but any fan of Friedlander or any photographer knows that there are images that didn t make the early edits there is never enough money or courage to do it right the first time aroundThis volume contains 376 images, all of them containing the image of Friedlander, his shadow, or his reflection Considering how hard most photographers work to remove their own image from the picture journalism tries to push the illusion that the photographer is an impartial observer , the presence of a shadow or a reflection is jarring But even unsettling is the way Friedlander presents himself as himself mostly boring, fat, and old and sometimes a bit pig headed the anti hero of a non movie.The flow of the book from a young rake projecting his image onto women s bodies often his lovely wife s, but sometime a cardboard cut out , to a father and a grandfather enjoying the company of his family, to his failing body after heart surgery but always surrounded by friends, always looking for the joke makes us grateful that Friedlander has shared so much of his image with us.Anything worth doing is worth overdoing and this book is worth having Buy it while you can Friedlander will not always be with us But we can hope that he has a forth self portrait book yet to come when he turns 90, three times bigger than this one Lee Friedlander bhas been tackling the challenge of self portraiture throughout his prolific career What began as an unorthodox investigation of the genre has become amasterful engagement spanning five decades In this extraordinary compilation, which includes hundreds of previously unpublished pictures, we follow the famous photographer through the years as his personal and creative lives unfold and intertwineProduced to the highest production standards and featuring overduotone images from his first self portraits, taken with cable release in hand, to recent images of the photographer with his family and extended network of friends In the Pictureexplores Friedlander s various guises throughout a rich and colorful life Quand un ma tre nous offre une telle quantit d image, on ne peut qu etre heureux. Lee Friedlander, than any other photographer, makes the finest visual jazz His work is witty and erudite, and astonishing in its endless variety He is as prolific a printmaker as Picasso, and like Picasso seems to be immune to the limitations of age In the Picture , though, is rather disappointing as a whole It starts with a sublime collection of Friedlander s 35mm self portraits, but somewhere midway gets bogged down with an overweight series of the artist with fill in the blank Even with the captions, these pictures seem to blur into each other, and without the captions they are simply unremarkable There are still lightning bolts here and there in one eerie photograph Friedlander himself becomes the landscape and it is the shadow of his camera and tripod that seems to be animate But this is a book that really deserved better editing Slimmed down even by fifty pages or so it would gain some of the same energy as the marvelous Family published by Fraenkel in 2004. Without doubt Lee Friedlander is the most talented street photographer of the entire genre Nothing escapes him I recently had the opportunity to view a group of about 40 50 photographs printed by the artist Though I ve been very much aware of him since the late 70 s, that was the first time I d been in the same room with his work There wasn t a mediocre shot in the entire show It was an amazing experience At under 20, I recommend you pick up a copy while they are still available I purchased two. Have bought several as gifts. Yes arrived in good time very pleased with everything Thank you Da ich Lee Friedlanders Arbeit seit langem mag,konnte ich endlich dieses Buch zum Schn ppchenpreis ergattern Ich liebe seine humorvollen und doch melancholische Fotos.