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Layout Essentials: 100 Design Principles for Using Grids To be honest I was sticking between this book and Making and Breaking the Grid and I m so glad I got this book This book is NOT a history and it s NOT a book that s rule for rule It doesn t say If x is y then do z This book is about covering the basics of grid design Yes it does go through 100 principles that are basically tips on how to use a grid in different from ways but it also encourages the designer s creativity It reminds me almost of a beginner s guide or reference book Its filled with plenty of examples yet only gives very short descriptions However, with this type of concept, it s better to show rather than tell. Layout Essentials 100 Design Principals for Using Grids doesn t actually deliver design principals, they re just platitudes Here are some examples Avoid crowding, Avoid overcrowding, Design with ample margins, Pack it in What the book does deliver is a well chosen selection of excellent page layouts, most based on applications of grid principals, though a few make you scratch your head There is an illustrated compendium of grid layout terms on the first pages The author even applies the same principal to the layout and comments of the pages that illustrate the particular principal chosen, so the book design itself is excellent and quite clever.What the author does not deliver is solutions to today s designers main challenge keeping a consistent look and grid design over printed pages, computer screens, and personal device displays The book is focused almost entirely on printed pages or posters.Nevertheless, the examples shown are brilliant and inspirational and the author s comments well taken Also of note is that many of the designers of the featured examples are women nice to see a stereotype broken All in all, the book is well worth its cost. I m pretty disappointed in this one What s the point of a layout ESSENTIALS book that doesn t teach anything or show reasoning behind the design decisions The chapters are short, choppy, disjointed, and since it was all presented in such a bland and unhelpful way, much of the content felt like filler It s frustrating to have to guess the reason why a particular grid system was used, or in some cases, where the grid was even located Perhaps I misunderstood the point of the book This book might have been a little better for me if they would have at the very least shown the grid lines overlaid on top of their example images maybe put them together at the back, if there s not enough room in each chapter They do include tiny wireframes at the top of each chapter, but to my untrained eye, sometimes I couldn t see the relationship between the wireframe and the image That was the worst, and left me confused and frustrated than anything else.I was hoping to learn about grid systems and layout design, but this book didn t do it for me I ll revisit it once I get experience and understand about grids Maybe this book could be helpful for experienced layout artists, but as a newbie, right now I need better instruction. This book is horribly mistitled because there are absolutely nothing essential and preciously little what can be considered design principals The best description I can give is that it is 208 pages of eye candy with the most generic side comments The author essentially took a collection of visual designs created by other designers and wrote for each 3 10 vague sentences that you can just about move to any other page and still have it vaguely make sense Sure, many of the designs are interesting and even perhaps inspiring, but instead of going into the rationale behind specific design decisions, you get a bunch of stale stuff like Code with color or Separate content with color or gems like Play with the grid ,..Depending on the client of material, the colors can be muted or bright.I would have been much forgiving if the author just called the book 100 layout ideas using grids because as is, it is disingenuous in its content. A stunning example of failing the first criteria for good design does it communicate the message clearly If the author s had something to say they missed the opportunity by choosing a font so small that I gave up in frustration after several tries and an equal number of headaches The book seems interested in showing off designers work rather than teach When I managed to read the text all it did was describe the small sample That s not useful What I need to know is how it s an example of a principle A total waste of money Adhering To Certain Layout And Grids Standards And Principles Is Important For Any Job From Brochures, To Annual Reports, To Posters, To Websites, To Publications However, Knowing How To Bend The Rules And Make Certain Grids Work For The Job At Hand Takes SkillThis Book Outlines And Demonstrates Basic Layout Grid Guidelines And Rules Through Entries Including Choosing A Typeface, Striving For Rhythm And Balance With Type, Combining Typefaces, Using Special Characters And Kerning And Legibility These Essentials Of Grid Design Are Critical To The Success Of Any Job

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