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Oil: A Beginner's Guide (Beginner's Guides) (English Edition) World Acclaimed Scientist Vaclav Smil Reveals Everything There Is To Know About Nature S Most Sought After ResourceOil Is The Lifeblood Of The Modern World Without It, There Would Be No Planes, No Plastic, No Exotic Produce, And A Global Political Landscape Few Would Recognise Humanitys Dependence Upon Oil Looks Set To Continue For Decades To Come, But What Is It Fully Updated And Packed With Fascinating Facts To Fuel Dinner Party Debate, Professor Vaclav Smil S Oil A Beginner S Guide Explains All Matters Related To The Black Stuff, From Its Discovery In The Earth Right Through To The Controversy That Surrounds It Today

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    This is an excellent primer on oil for people who want to be oil literate It s a 2017 update of a book whose first edition was published in 2008.Here s what the book covers Oil s uses and benefits What oil is, how it s found, and where it s been found How oil is produced, transported and processed Oil econo

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    Everything one needs to know about the basic composition, formation, refining, and transportation of oil is found in this book Grounded in scientific fact, Smil lays it all out here Definitely worth the read

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    Having frequented a nummer og Peak oil former websites, I found this book to be a fresh perspective I gave it a five star rating despite finding one error, it says in one place that an Abrahams tank runs on kerosene and in another that it runs on gasoline.

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    Just finished this book and it was outstanding If you have interest in oil or fossil fuels it is a must read.

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    Have authors previous books

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