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Oil, Power, and War: A Dark History (English Edition) An excellent book, full of incredibly well researched information, told in an engaging and thorough manner This is a book I will certainly be re reading, and I m sure I will be gifting copies of it to friends If you care about the environment, are curious about world history and the trajectory it s followed since the 19th century, and want to understand where our civilization might be headed, read this book It is absolutely worth the time you spend with it, and I m so glad this translation has been released. The research that went into this book is quite incredible as is the author s ability to connect the dots It finally answered the why questions that I have had for many years about historical events.Yes it does contain some politics, but that would be hard for any historian to avoid More maps would be helpful And there were a few questionable references mention of some 911 conspiracy theories and shale oil and gas is exempt from all environmental regulations , but not enough to diminish my rating.So now how do we make this common knowledge Anyone doubting that oil is responsible for much of the evil in the world today should read this book In fact, everybody interested in politics should read this book It documents the progressive corruption of the world political system and of world military action by Big Oil, from the Saudi kings and the sultan of Brunei to the Rockefellers and Kochs The staggering total of corruption, murder, conspiracy, war, and exploitation is enough to explain a large percentage of the world s deaths in the last 100 years The book does not go into detail on the other side of oil s evil, pollution and environmental wreckage It is now doubtful if the human race can survive, and the utter malfeasance of the oil industry is the main reason Taming this monster especially by eliminating oil as an energy source is the only hope. Beautifully Written And Marvelously Translated, Oil, Power, And War Provides A Detailed History Of Oil S Impact On Economic And Technical Advances And, In Turn, Their Impact On Oil Over The Past Century Extending Its Narrative Through The Events Of Early , It Offers A Profound New Understanding Of Oil S Role In War And Peace, Growth And Stagnation And It Casts New Light On The Foundations Of National Power And The Challenge That Lies Ahead A Terrific Education And An Engrossing Read Dennis Meadows, Coauthor Of The Limits To Growthbr Br The Definitive History Of The Rise And Eventual Fall Of Oil, Brilliantly Told Auzanneau Illuminates The History Of Our Time Driven By Cheap Oil And The Persistent Search For At All Costs Insightful, Authoritative, And Essential Reading A Dazzling And Wise Book David Orr, Author Of Dangerous Years Paul Sears Distinguished Professor Of Environmental Studies And Politics, Oberlin Collegebr Br Auzanneau S Oil, Power, And War Is A Fascinating And Excellent Book It Sets Out In Detail The Extraordinary Story Of Oil S Discovery, Production, Pricing, And Control, And Throws Light On The Fears, Misapprehensions, Power Plays, And Conflicts That Our Addiction To This Cheap And Flexible Form Of Energy Has Engendered Auzanneau Is Particularly Good At Explaining The Importance Of Oil In The Sustenance Of Modern Society, And Therefore Why The Coming Constraint To The Global Oil Supply Caused By The Current Resource Limited Plateau And Soon Decline In The Global Production Of Conventional Oil Is Likely To Be So Difficult Hopefully Lessons Learned From Our Past Mistakes, Laid Out So Well In This Book, Can Help Guide Us Through The Oil Challenges That Lie Ahead R W Bentley, Editor Of The Oil Age Author Of Introduction To Peak Oilbr Br Matthieu Auzanneau S Book Is A Must For Anyone Who Wants To Understand The Modern World Our Consumer Society Is Based On Cheap Energy Thus If You Want To Know The Sources Of The World S Current Wealth And How Our Economy Is Likely To Evolve In The Future, You Must Study The History Of World Oil Since This Book Tells That Story Fully, Fairly, Accurately, And Entertainingly Than Any Other To Date Indeed, Previous Accounts Of The History Of Oil Are Now Effectively Obsolete Jean Laherrre, Petroleum Engineer President Of ASPO FranceAn Absolutely Great Book, And A Nearly Unbelievable Summary Of The History Of Oil But This Is Not Just The Story Of Oil, It Is Also The Story Of Humankind During The Past Two Centuries Or So, And It Shows How Almost Everything That Happened During Those Centuries Links Back To Oil Auzanneau Presents A Treasure Trove Of Information Not Available Anywhere Else At Least Not In A Well Organized And Critical Form, As Most Books Written On This Subject Are Sponsored Or Supported, One Way Or Another, By The Fossil Fuel Industry Did You Know That Mussolini Was Lured Into His Disastrous Ethiopian Campaign By Hopes Of Finding Oil There Did You Know That The British Won The Battle Of Britain Partly Because The Fuel Of Their Spitfires Had A Higher Octane Number Than That Of The German Messerschmitts Did You Know That The Marshall Plan To Rebuild The European Economies Was Based On The Idea Of Replacing Europe S Dependence On American Oil With A Dependence On US Controlled Middle East Oil There S All This And Much In Oil, Power, And War, And The Story Of Oil And Humankind Is Not Yet Concluded In The Future It Will Be Mostly About Getting Rid Of Oil Before Oil Gets Rid Of Us Ugo Bardi, Author Of ExtractedMatthieu Auzanneau S Ambitious New History Of Oil Is A Must Read For Anyone Intrigued By The Instrumental Role Of Energy In The Ebb And Flow Of Modern Civilization This Is A Richly Documented And Beautifully Written Book, Which Tells A Story That Has Not Been Fully Told Until Now Auzanneau Masterfully Reveals The Vast Extent To Which The Arteries Of Today S Politics, Economics, And Culture Have Been Indelibly Shaped By The Rise And Decline Of The World S Most Abundant Fossil Fuel In Years To Come, Historians Will Refer Back To Auzanneau S Work As A Definitive Guide To The Real Role Of Oil In Some Of The Most Pivotal Events In World History Nafeez Ahmed, Editor Of INSURGE Intelligence Visiting Research Fellow At The Global Sustainability Institute At Anglia Ruskin UniversityCatholic Herald Book Awards Finalist, Current AffairsAuzanneau Has Created A Towering Telling Of A Dark And Dangerous AddictionNatureThe Story Of Oil Is One Of Hubris, Fortune, Betrayal, And Destruction It Is The Story Of A Resource That Has Been Undeniably Central To The Creation Of Our Modern Culture, And Ever Present During The Darkest Exploits Of Empire The World Over For The Past Years, Oil Has Become The Most Essential Ingredient For Economic, Military, And Political Power And It Has Brought Us To Our Present Moment In Which Political Leaders And The Fossil Fuel Industry Consider Extraordinary, And Extraordinarily Dangerous, Policy On A World Stage Marked By Shifting Power BasesUpending The Conventional Wisdom By Crafting A Peoples History, Award Winning Journalist Matthieu Auzanneau Deftly Traces How Oil Became A National And Then Global Addiction, Outlines The Enormous Consequences Of That Addiction, Sheds New Light On Major Historical And Contemporary Figures, And Raises New Questions About Stories We Thought We Knew Well What Really Sparked The Oil Crises In The S, The Shift Away From The Gold Standard At Bretton Woods, Or Even The Financial Crash Of How Has Oil Shaped The Events That Have Defined Our Times Two World Wars, The Cold War, The Great Depression, Ongoing Wars In The Middle East, The Advent Of Neoliberalism, And The Great Recession, Among Them With Brutal Clarity, Oil, Power, And War Exposes The Heavy Hand Oil Has Had In All Of Our Livesand Illustrates How Much Heavier That Hand Could Get During The Increasingly Desperate Race To Control The Last Of The Worlds Easily And Cheaply Extractable Reserves

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