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Perdido Street Station The Metropolis Of New Crobuzon Sprawls At The Centre Of Its Own Bewildering World Humans, Mutants And Arcane Races Throng In The Gloom Beneath Its Chimneys A Stranger Has Come, With An Impossible Demand, And Soon The City Is To Be Gripped By Terror

About the Author: China Miéville

A British fantastic fiction writer He is fond of describing his work as weird fiction after early 20th century pulp and horror writers such as H P Lovecraft , and belongs to a loose group of writers sometimes called New Weird who consciously attempt to move fantasy away from commercial, genre clich s of Tolkien epigons He is also active in left wing politics as a member of the Socialist Workers Party He has stood for the House of Commons for the Socialist Alliance, and published a book on Marxism and international law Excerpted from Wikipedia.

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    To paraphrase Pratchett,There s a saying that all roads lead to Ankh Morpork New Crobuzon And it s wrong All roads lead away from Ankh Morpork New Crobuzon, but sometimes people walk along them the wrong wayA stunning image of New Crobuzon from A word of warning if you read only for the story an

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    Lots of people like to accuse China Mi ville of writing with a thesaurus open next to his laptop How else to explain the frequent appearance of ossified, salubrious, susurrus and inveigled within the 623 pages of Perdido Street Station Ok, so you can maybe argue that if you write a 250,000 word book, pr

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    This Steampunk meets New Weird meets Cyberpunk meets Fantasy novel has so many themes, that I m not even going to try to give it full credit with some sort of synopsis I m rather just going to talk about various aspects of the book as I go along with my review.The way I felt when I finished the novel, I wanted

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    My friends call me Senex The Old Man because of my taste in fantasy, or they would, if I had any It s often been noted that I ll give at least four stars to any fantasy from the Italian Renaissance, and yet rarely givethan two for anything written since the nineteen sixties Some have accused me of a staunch prejudice i

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    I feel like I ve been reading this book forever It s long, largely unstructured, and I never became particularly invested in any of the characters, so it just dragged on The best thing I could say about it is that it s diverting One of the quotes on the back describes it as phantasmagoric, which seems accurate All sorts of cra

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    A brilliant page turner.First of all, any book that begins with a quote from Philip K Dick is alright in my book and promises a great story to come This promise was kept, with interest Perdido Street Station by China Mieville is to steampunk weird fiction as Neuromancer was to cyberpunk it is the definitive benchmark An urbane, nightm

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    The universe got stuck in the age of steam And in this bizarro universe a lot of bizarro creatures do a lot of bizarro deeds The clouds swirled in the city s filthy microclimate It seemed as if all of New Crobuzon s weather was formed by a massive, gradual crawling hurricane that centred around the city s heart, the enormous mongrel building

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    my dear Perdido Street Station,perhaps it is fated not to be or perhaps i need to grow a bit , until i am able to understand and appreciate your unique charms but for now, i am just not ready please don t take this personally i promise that i shall try you out again sometime, perhaps soon too many people love you, and they love you too, too much for

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    WARNING This review probably contains some but not many spoilers, so you may not want to read this if you haven t read Perdido Street Station yet This review also contains plenty of vulgarity Please don t read this if you do not want to see the f and other words Thanks.Me reading my review I decided to read this on SoundCloud, since BirdBrian has turned me

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    While China Mieville s Perdido Street Station sometimes takes wide detours around the plot, the atmosphere he conjures, with its dark and sinister underpinnings, is interesting and compelling There are parts of the book that make you smell what s happening in this world Let me say this off the bat it s not a good smell Even the way Mieville demonstrates the artistic

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