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The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression (English Edition) Great instruction, poor reproduction of the artwork Previous reviewers mentioned this issue, but when I checked the previews, this appeared to be an issue only with the soft cover For those relying on those previews, the hardcover has the same overdrawn look as the softcover preview Makes me wonder if these were switched, and the softcover actually provides a better reproduction of the artwork. Artists Love This Book, The Definitive Guide To Capturing Facial Expressions In A Carefully Organized, Easy To Use Format, Author Gary Faigin Shows Readers The Expressions Created By Individual Facial Muscles, Then Draws Them Together In A Section Devoted To The Six Basic Human Emotions Sadness, Anger, Joy, Fear, Disgust, And Surprise Each Emotion Is Shown In Steadily Increasing Intensity, And Faigins Detailed Renderings Are Supplemented By Clear Explanatory Text, Additional Sketches, And Finished Work An Appendix Includes Yawning, Wincing, And Other Physical Reactions Want To Create Portraits That Capture The Real Person Want To Draw Convincing Illustrations Want To Show The Range Of Human Emotion In Your Artwork Get The Artists Complete Guide To Facial Expression As a trained illustrator I found this book incredibly helpful It exceeded my expectations as a learning tool This book takes an advanced look at the anatomy of the skull and face and ties it directly to it s use in creating expression This book upped my game by providing detailed knowledge on exactly how expression is formed and why, allowing me to use these tools to create subtle and nuanced visual notes.This book focuses on an anatomical look rather than resorting to a step by step how to and is geared toward those who already have an understanding of the fundamentals of drawing in general, however the knowledge contained within would be useful to any level of skill or practice I highly recommend this and it should be a staple on any artist s shelf. When drawing or painting people, getting the facial expression right is very important This book mentions that the old masters were masters of facial expression Well, this book will help you get the facial expressions on your people right For example, there s such a thing as a real and fake smile, and the artist has to decide which one they want to use for their painting or drawing It would never do to draw a fake smile by mistake when the artist wants a real smile Fear, disgust, surprise, and many other emotions are discussed in detail as well, with drawings and photos showing exactly which facial muscles are involved in producing each emotion. I was VERY disappointed by the print quality of this book and returned it.This is an art instruction book yet the art was so poorly represented that it looked like the book was a photocopy of a photocopy.There was no way to distinguish values or even get a good idea of what the illustrator was trying to express in the drawings.Since my purchase, I have found out that many people have this problem with the book, and that the first printing hardcover edition is much better I have not seen the first edition and it s only available through used book sellers.So good luck, and as for my review, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AT ALL FOR ANYONE SERIOUSLY STUDYING ART FOR THE REASONS ABOVE Laura Questo libro davvero meraviglioso, ricco di illustrazioni esemplificative e di dritte Non ho studiato mai disegno ma credo che sia un validissimo manuale anche per i pi esperti Attraverso l anatomia e i movimenti dei muscoli facciali, esplora una bella variet di espressioni. I think carefully reading this book cover to cover will get you the most value, and I am working on that But the pictures and descriptions in each section are useful as well, so if you re in a rush and trying to figure out why your drawing isn t expressing the emotion you were hoping for, flipping to that emotion s section can give you a lot of helpful information My one complaint is that fear gets the fewest pages and least details of the big four emotions fear, joy, anger, sadness I found this disappointing because of the particular project I bought the book for I would love an expansion on the information and pictures in that section, particularly for the subtle expressions like anxiety, worry or concern Most fearful faces I see in real life do not have their mouth open in panic, but are still powerfully evocative This is addressed in the book, but with less detail than other sections.And this doesn t belong in this book, but I would love a similar exploration of body language and physical poses that go with each emotion I found myself acting out the expressions while trying to understand the descriptions, and most that I tried brought out almost instinctual body motions and believe me, I m no actor It emphasized how much all of these expressions are shown in the entire body.

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