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Consegnato in un lampo e letto altrettanto velocemente Sono pienamente soddisfatta dell acquisto effettuato e continuer volentieri a collezionare i Peanuts Charles Schulz is a genius His stories and artwork are charming and simple, and often just what s needed in an occasionally too real world.It s so great that these strips are so readily available I love the easy access and the convenience of having them available on phone tablet means that you have something worth looking at for a few minutes, whenever you have a few minutes Beats another obsessive social media check in. This Peanuts collection, 1963 1964, stands out The strip suffered from overexposure beginning about ten years later It was probably on nearly every bulletin board in every grade school in the country In that time, it was mainly the very sentimentalized excerpts featuring a sweet saccharine world, and it is still close to that today Too bad, as it leaves out the sharper and wittier world of the characters The 1964 Sunday proclaims, Happiness is winning an argument with your sister, so when Lucy argues that Linus will get great satisfaction from kicking apart a snow Lucy he had made, he says On the contrary That would be crude I m just going to stand here and watch it slowly melt away In other places, Lucy makes her patented temper humorous and even wise when she claims,There s nothing like a little physical pain to take your mind off your emotional problems Sunday strips then were widely read, so when Charley Brown lamented twice in one Sunday, There s a dreariness in the air that depresses me, many people laughed but nodded their heads But perhaps Sally displays the most existential angst when after crying out loud on a Sunday, she explains, I was jumping rope.Everything was all rightwhenSuddenly it all felt so futile On a side note, I find that reading just a couple pages a day works best with strip reprints They were intended by their creators to be read a little at a time In any case, this volume of Fantagraphics great series is a special, truthful one. In this volume of Peanuts we see Charles M Schulz reaching his most productive years The Peanuts neighborhood is fairly well set now, with Snnopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and Schroeder as the main characters and Shermy, Patty, and Violet, who were original co stars, now making fewer and fewer appearances Frieda with the naturally curly hair is as vain and silly as ever, but at least she s gotten rid of her cat Faron Pigpen makes only two brief appearances, but I m pretty sure he ll turn up again Among the most entertaining newcomers are 5 and his sisters 3 and 4, Schulz s wry comment on the increasing numberization of modern life in the 1960s.Among the most interesting of the strips here are those which focussed on events which were really current in 1963 and 1964, like Hitchcock s The Birds and the Presidential election of 1964, which Linus seems to parody with his ultimately unsuccessful run for class president We also see some tantalizing hints of future sequences, like Linus fear of the dreaded queen snake and Charlie Brown s continually unsuccessful kite flying There are no kite eating trees around yet, but you know they re lurking out there, ready to appear Each volume of Peanuts leaves me laughing and eager to see the next one Six month intervals are almost too tantalizing to endure In The Complete Peanuts This Volume Is Particularly Rich In Never Before Reprinted Strips Over Than One Fifth Of The Book Have Never Seen The Light Of Day Since Their Original Appearance Over Years Ago, So This Will Be A Trove Of Undiscovered Treasures Even For Avid Peanuts Collectors These Lost Strips Include Linus Making A Near Successful Run For Class President That Is Ultimately Derailed By His Religious Beliefs Two Words Great And Pumpkin , And Snoopy Getting Involved With A Group Of Politically Fanatical Birds One Wonders Was It The Political Edge In These Stories That Got Them Consigned To Oblivion For So Long Also Worthy Of Note Is An Extended, Never Reprinted Sequence In Which Snoopy Gets Ill And Heads To The Veterinarian Hospital Also In This Volume Lucy S Attempts At Improving Her Friends Branches Out From Her Increasingly Well Visited Nickel Psychiatry Booth To An Educational Slideshow Of Charlie Brown S Faults It S So Long There S An Intermission Also, Snoopy S Doghouse Begins Its Conceptual Expansion, As Schulz Reveals That The Dog Owns A Van Gogh, And That The Ceiling Is So Huge That Linus Can Paint A Vast And As It Turns Out Unappreciated History Of Civilisation Mural On It I ve written reviews for all of the previous versions of the Complete Peanuts and they are all glowing The 7th installment continues that trend What amazes me about this book is that there are still a lot of strips that I have never seen before I d say 20 25% I figured as the series continued, I would see less and less unfamiliar comics, but there are still quite a few I don t recall ever seeing The other reviewers do a good job hitting the highlights, so I won t repeat, but it just is fun to see a complete series instead of the partial series of a particular topic Snoopy in the hospital comes to mind, I had seen maybe half of the strips over the years, but this collection tells the whole story.You want this book, you need this book The next edition which will come out this fall and will have Charlie Brown on the cover will begin the biggest shift in the direction of the strip when Peppermint Patty is introduced I can t wait. Growing up with the MANY Peanuts books of the 1960s Best Of collection The Complete Peanuts 1963-1964: Volume 7

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Complete Peanuts 1963-1964: Volume 7 book, this is one of the most wanted Charles M Schulz author readers around the world.

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