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The Complete Peanuts 1973-1974: Volume 12 Perfetti da collezionare per un appassionato dei Peanuts I libri sono bellissimi, con la copertina rigida e un ottimo formato Mille volte meglio in lingua originale rispetto alle versioni tradotte, per ovvi motivi Spedizione di nei tempi prestabiliti. We have made it now to volume 12 of these collected Peanuts comic strips Of course, none of them has needed my commendation Nor does this one Readers, young and old, know how great this work is What you will find in this volume a nice introduction by Billie Jean King and a number of strips with Snoopy at the tennis courts nice sequences with Rerun, Marcie and Peppermint Patty and that wonderful, famous series where Charlie Brown gets a baseball rash on his head and wears a sack over his head when he goes to camp, which works wonderfully well for him Enjoy. I feel obligated to give this five stars because, let s face it, Schulz was just a master at his craft so anything less would be an insult That said, there are a few things any potential purchaser should know These are sadly all black and white, even the Sundays that were printed in color Luckily, there is a second series of books that contains all the full color Sundays Just search for Peanuts Every Sunday Each volume contains a brief introduction by some famous fan of the strip They re vaguely interesting but I ve never bothered to read any of them all the way through If you re crazy anal as I am note that there are two slightly different versions If you want them all to match on your shelf then take VERY careful note of the exact publisher and edition Finally, take careful note of the evolution of the series The very early strips from the 50s are almost like a totally different strip If buying for a gift, you might consider one of the later books in the series Completists will want them all but if the receiver is on the fence then the 50s isn t the place to start. Another great collection of Peanuts including Mr Sack, Rerun gambling, Joe College, Joe Cool and the WW1 Ace. What could be better than 2 years of Peanuts cartoons in one volume at the height of Charles M Schulz s creative power Answer Nothing To see strips you ve never seen before is wonderful To see strips you haven t seen in years is great To laugh when the strips are funny, to be touched when the strips bring a pange of recognition of some of the pain of life are both emotions to be treasured that all of Schulz s work evoked This is why Schulz was an artist of the highet calibre because while he did not draw like Michelangelo or sculpt like Rodin or photograph like Ansel Adams he WAS able to reimagine and reinvent an art form so that all of us saw life in a different way from a new perspective and in a light that improved the human condition. What an amazing set of books The peanuts complete gathers up all of the news paper strips and places them into wonderful 2 year volumes Each Volume is a hard cover with beautiful book cover High quality binding and paper go into these I cannot imagine these volumes being any better All of the classic peanuts strips you love gathered together in a nice 2 year volume A wonderful addition to any library The Th Volume Of Peanuts Features A Number Of Tennis Strips And Several Extended Sequences Involving Peppermint Patty S Friend Marcie Including A Riotous, Rarely Seen Sequence In Which Marcie S Costume Making And Hairstyling Skills Utterly Spoil A Skating Competition For PP , So It Seems Only Right That This Volume S Introduction Should Be Served Up By Schulz S Longtime Friend, Tennis Champion And Presidential Medal Of Freedom Recipient Billie Jean King This Volume Also Picks Up On A Few Loose Threads From The Previous Year, As The Mysterious Poochie Shows Up In The Flesh Linus And Lucy S New Kid Brother Rerun Makes His First Appearance, Is Almost Immediately Drafted Onto The Baseball Team Where, Thanks To His Tiny Strike Zone, He Wins A Game , And Embarks On His First Terrifying Journey On The Back Of His Mom S Bike And, In One Of Peanuts Oddest Recurring Storylines, The Schoolhouse Sally Used To Talk To Starts Talking, Or At Least Thinking, Back At Her The Complete Peanuts Also Includes One Of The All Time Classic Peanuts Sequences, In Which Charlie Brown S Baseball Oriented Hallucinations Finally Manifest Themselves In A Baseball Shaped Rash On His Head Forced To Conceal The Embarrassing Discoloration With A Bag Worn Over His Head, Charlie Brown Goes To Camp As Mister Sack And Discovers That, Shorn Of His Identity, He S Suddenly Well Liked And Successful

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