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The Detective Wore Silk Drawers (Sergeant Cribb Book 2) (English Edition) The Second Book In The Sergeant Cribb Series, From Peter LoveseyReissue Of Peter Lovesey S First Acclaimed Book That Started His Career Nearly Years AgoForbidden In Victorian England, The Grim And Violent World Of Bare Knuckle Fighting Has Gone Underground So When A Headless Body Is Found Floating In The Thames, His Hands Pickled For Fighting, Sergeant Cribb Knows He Is Facing A ChallengeDesperate For Information, They Select The Young Constable Henry Jago To Infiltrate The Gang, Subjecting Him To A Rigorous Programme Of Purging, Pickling And Training Cribb Is Certain That The Losing Fighters Are Being Killed, Or Worse, So Getting Jago Out Just In Time Is CrucialA Reissue From The Delightful Sergeant Cribb Series, Set In Victorian London

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    When a headless corpse is found floating in the River Thames in Victorian England it is up to Sergeant Cribb of the agile mind and bushy side burns and his hale and hearty sidekick, Thackery, to get to the bottom of the murder most foul Although fighting under the LONDON PRIZE RING RULES bare knuckled, no rounds, spiked shoes for stomping, throws o.

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    A detective novel set in England in 1800 s I think , but very easy to read, not full of complicated language or anything One policeman goes undercover to uncover illegal bare fisted boxing matches, followed by two other policeman posing as spectators I enjoyed it, it is light, and at times a little slow, but there are limited characters and the plot

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    I have loved all of Peter Lovesey s books This is different than his new series about Peter Diamond Which I like much better but Sergeant Cribb is still a wonderful character.

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    Mother excellent book by Peter Lovesey

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    I have read a lot of Peter Lovesey and read any of his books I can get This series is kind of light and fluffy entertaining but not one to keep you on the edge of your seat or make you want to know about the characters.

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