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The Little Book of Typographic Ornament A robust book as much reference as resource but not without its niggling flaws.First off, the value offered here is immense 720 rules, borders, and printer s flowers are spread across 7 categorical chapters each containing an essay and limited examples of use.All illustrations are large, sufficient enough to study and the hardcover book itself, though not coffee table sized, is satisfyingly thick All illustrations are offered as monotones ranging from black to brown, violet to red and all are numbered.What s stunning, however, in addition to the absence of true color, is the lack of context These numbers you soon realize exist for identification purposes only So where was each ornament used or found What type of printers flower is it Is it a rule or part of a border When was it created Somewhat ameliorating this confusion, is access to all illustrations via the publisher s website and a code tucked away at the back of the book This provides immense utility All art is offered individually in tif format and therefore easily viewable in a picture reader or say, the Adobe Creative Suite.Thing is, while these illustrations are not pristine in their detail, it s not entirely clear what readers can do with them The book s copyright clearly prohibits replication The website offers no clue other than its generic copyright too and no creative commons rights are apparent Therefore, I d safely say this exclusive content , as the website goes, is purely for reference purposes in addition to encouragement should readers feel inspired to create ornaments of their own.Therefore, the book s only shortcomings in addition to the lack of full color are the absence of context, as previously stated, and the limited number of figures showing art in actual use That said, in terms of return on investment and breadth of content, The Little Book of Typographic Ornament is a resource that should not be missed. This Little Book Contains A Beautiful And Varied Collection Of Typographic Ornaments Sourced From Specimen Books Of Type Foundries, Dating From David Jury Explains How The Need For Typographic Ornaments Arose And Developed, And Sets Them In Their Historical Context The Chapters Cover Natural Forms Geometric Forms Rules And Borders Wreaths, Borders And Scrolls And Pictorial Ornaments The Last Chapter Charts The Rise Of The Graphic Designer Over The Last Century, And How Modern Designers Are Now Reinterpreting These Typographic Ornaments Into New Forms Of Art The Little Book Of Typographic Ornament Will Be An Invaluable Reference For Graphic Designers, As Well As Providing A Source Of Copyright Free Images I love typography and typographic ornaments This book is perfect. low quality paper and cover bassa qualit soprattutto della copertina visto il prezzo ci si aspetterebbe qualcosa di pi dignitoso che una specie di raccolta di fotocopie rilegata. Inspirational for art efforts based on dingbats.

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