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The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels Could Everything We Know About Fossil Fuels Be Wrong For Decades, Environmentalists Have Told Us That Using Fossil Fuels Is A Self Destructive Addiction That Will Destroy Our Planet Yet At The Same Time, By Every Measure Of Human Well Being, From Life Expectancy To Clean Water To Climate Safety, Life Has Been Getting Better And BetterHow Can This Be The Explanation, Energy Expert Alex Epstein Argues In The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels, Is That We Usually Hear Only One Side Of The Story Were Taught To Think Only Of The Negatives Of Fossil Fuels, Their Risks And Side Effects, But Not Their Positivestheir Unique Ability To Provide Cheap, Reliable Energy For A World Of Seven Billion People And The Moral Significance Of Cheap, Reliable Energy, Epstein Argues, Is Woefully Underrated Energy Is Our Ability To Improve Every Single Aspect Of Life, Whether Economic Or EnvironmentalIf We Look At The Big Picture Of Fossil Fuels Compared With The Alternatives, The Overall Impact Of Using Fossil Fuels Is To Make The World A Far Better Place We Are Morally Obligated To Use Fossil Fuels For The Sake Of Our Economy And Our EnvironmentDrawing On Original Insights And Cutting Edge Research, Epstein Argues That Most Of What We Hear About Fossil Fuels Is A Myth For InstanceMyth Fossil Fuels Are DirtyTruth The Environmental Benefits Of Using Fossil Fuels Far Outweigh The Risks Fossil Fuels Dont Take A Naturally Clean Environment And Make It Dirty They Take A Naturally Dirty Environment And Make It Clean They Dont Take A Naturally Safe Climate And Make It Dangerous They Take A Naturally Dangerous Climate And Make It Ever SaferMyth Fossil Fuels Are Unsustainable, So We Should Strive To Use Renewable Solar And WindTruth The Sun And Wind Are Intermittent, Unreliable Fuels That Always Need Backup From A Reliable Source Of Energyusually Fossil Fuels There Are Huge Amounts Of Fossil Fuels Left, And We Have Plenty Of Time To Find Something CheaperMyth Fossil Fuels Are Hurting The Developing WorldTruth Fossil Fuels Are The Key To Improving The Quality Of Life For Billions Of People In The Developing World If We Withhold Them, Access To Clean Water Plummets, Critical Medical Machines Like Incubators Become Impossible To Operate, And Life Expectancy Drops Significantly Calls To Get Off Fossil Fuels Are Calls To Degrade The Lives Of Innocent People Who Merely Want The Same Opportunities We Enjoy In The WestTaking Everything Into Account, Including The Facts About Climate Change, Epstein Argues That Fossil Fuels Are Easy To Misunderstand And Demonize, But They Are Absolutely Good To Use And They Absolutely Need To Be Championed Mankinds Use Of Fossil Fuels Is Supremely Virtuousbecause Human Life Is The Standard Of Value And Because Using Fossil Fuels Transforms Our Environment To Make It Wonderful For Human Life

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    Really enjoyed this book for its clear thinking and excellent arguments We are bombarded daily with green propaganda and it is refreshing to finally have a clear, thoughtful, comprehensive, and moral case for why to use fossil fuels be presented in such a logical and understand

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    This is a great book It describes everything that fossil fuels have given to the world Fossil fuels provide us with our wonderful life our homes, our food, our clothing, our medicines and hospitals, all of our transportationn, computers, cell phoness, etc You name it and fossil energy is

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    Epstein makes a good case for the value of fossil fuels, especially in developing countries And points out, that without them, most Western nations would go backwards into Third World status themselves.The book s a bit repetitive, but worth reading.

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    Too often the public is bombarded by news stories, films and celebrities politicians stating how fossil fuel energy is an extreme danger to our existence The mainstream media does not even attempt to show a perspective that might be different from this viewpoint Alex Epstein has written an intelligent and w

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    I had never thought of the energy debate as one about morals A basic fight between those who want to better peoples lives versus those who want to better what they believe to be nature.

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