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The Oil Curse: How Petroleum Wealth Shapes the Development of Nations Countries That Are Rich In Petroleum Have Less Democracy, Less Economic Stability, And Frequent Civil Wars Than Countries Without Oil What Explains This Oil Curse And Can It Be Fixed In This Groundbreaking Analysis, Michael L Ross Looks At How Developing Nations Are Shaped By Their Mineral Wealth And How They Can Turn Oil From A Curse Into A Blessing Ross Traces The Oil Curse To The Upheaval Of The S, When Oil Prices Soared And Governments Across The Developing World Seized Control Of Their Countries Oil Industries Before Nationalization, The Oil Rich Countries Looked Much Like The Rest Of The World Today, They Are Percent Likely To Be Ruled By Autocrats And Twice As Likely To Descend Into Civil War Than Countries Without Oil The Oil Curse Shows Why Oil Wealth Typically Creates Less Economic Growth Than It Should Why It Produces Jobs For Men But Not Women And Why It Creates Problems In Poor States Than In Rich Ones It Also Warns That The Global Thirst For Petroleum Is Causing Companies To Drill In Increasingly Poor Nations, Which Could Further Spread The Oil Curse This Landmark Book Explains Why Good Geology Often Leads To Bad Governance, And How This Can Be Changed A better book on the history and impact of oil than many. This is a thorough, evidence based analysis of the effect that having substantial oil deposits has on economic development Its particular virtue is that it does not take received wisdom about the resource curse as given, but re examines the whole topic in greater depth, and systematically, than many writings on this question It confirms a good deal of what was already considered common knowledge, but there are some new insights as well. For school Michael Ross lays out a clear argument about oil s detrimental political and economic effects in his well written The Oil Curse Ross argues that under certain conditions, several features of oil revenues their enormous size, nontax source, volatility, and secrecy contribute to authoritarianism, the subjugation of women, civil conflict, and volatile economic growth Ross supports his argument primarily with statistical evidence, although he does include some brief case studies as well He also offers a number of interesting policy recommendations to overcome the oil curse in the concluding chapter.On the whole the book is an enjoyable read, with a clearly presented argument and nontechnical bivariate data used to bolster the argument in each chapter multivariate regressions are included in technical appendices to several chapters There are some significant shortcomings in the argument itself In particular, Ross doesn t offer strong evidence linking the features of oil revenues that he emphasizes to the outcomes he identifies For example, he doesn t show that it is revenue secrecy or volatility or some combination of these qualities that produce oil s anti democratic effects In other words, Ross s hypothesized causal mechanisms are not very strongly supported It is also unclear why Latin America is largely immune to the oil curse, which is left as an unresolved puzzle.On the whole, however, The Oil Curse is a worthwhile exploration of how oil can contribute to a number of maladies, particularly in low income countries that are least able to overcome them.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Oil Curse: How Petroleum Wealth Shapes the Development of Nations book, this is one of the most wanted Michael L. Ross author readers around the world.

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