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The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power [Lingua inglese] Deemed The Best History Of Oil Ever Written By Business Week And With Than , Copies In Print, Daniel Yergins Pulitzer Prizewinning Account Of The Global Pursuit Of Oil, Money, And Power Has Been Extensively Updated To Address The Current Energy Crisis

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    Amazing book, as Oil and Gas professional I believe this is a must read for my colleagues in the industry

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    This is a very well written and neutral history of the oil and gas industry worldwide, from its beginnings in the U.S in the 1850s up through the end of the Gulf War in 1991 I read this over perhaps eight months a couple years ago, having had been in the industry for about 18 years I wish I d read it when I first started working I think my

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    This one book has helped me view current events from a much sophisticated perspective than before Although oil is the connective tissue throughout, I learned immensely about World history, human psychology, war, the Middle East, imperialism, colonialism, and so many thing in between e.g., 42 Gallons in a barrel of crude Without a hint of exagera

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    This is the definitive book on the Age of Oil and its journey from fruition to modern day Incredibly well researched and insightful The Prize describes how this once seemingly useless substance served as a platform for building global economies and increasing human productivity Oil money power the terms are synonymous Rockefeller, Getty, Rothschild, an

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    This is the third copy of this book that I have purchased The first two are on my shelf, and the third I gave away at a white elephant gift exchange.I originally found out about this book through an Energy Economics course I was taking during my undergrad at Michigan Technological University The course was a hybrid undergraduate graduate course, and one of t

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    If you want to know oil s history and story, and why it remains a dominant feature of humans existence for the last 100 years, this is the book for you Along with oil s story, you will learn the how and why driver of many of the historical events of the last 100 years.Given this book s scholarship, the writing is clear and will likely hold your interest as you bec

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