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The Second Sleep: the Sunday Times #1 bestselling novel (English Edition) A Times Best Thriller Book Of The YearA Guardian Fiction Book Of The Year A Sunday Times Fiction Book Of The YearA Telegraph Top Book Of THE LATEST NOVEL FROM ROBERT HARRIS A Thoroughly Absorbing, Page Turning Narrative In Which The Author Pulls Us Ever Deeper Into The Imaginative World He Has Created SUNDAY TIMES Harris Is Rightly Praised As The Master Of The Intelligent Thriller Genuinely Thrilling, Wonderfully Conceived And Entirely Without Preaching, It Probes The Nature Of History, Of Collective Memory And Forgetting, And Exposes The Fragility Of Modern Civilisation DAILY TELEGRAPH All Civilisations Think They Are Invulnerable History Warns Us None Is A Young Priest, Christopher Fairfax, Arrives In A Remote Exmoor Village To Conduct The Funeral Of His Predecessor The Land Around Is Strewn With Ancient Artefacts Coins, Fragments Of Glass, Human Bones Which The Old Parson Used To Collect Did His Obsession With The Past Lead To His Death As Fairfax Is Drawn Deeply Into The Isolated Community, Everything He Believes About Himself, His Faith And The History Of His World Is Tested To Destruction Harris Takes Us On A Thrilling Ride While Serving Up Serious Food For Thought I Doubt There Is A Living Writer Who Is Better At Simultaneously Making Readers Adrenaline Pump While Their Brains Whirr SUNDAY EXPRESS A Truly Surprising Future History Thriller Fabulous, Really EVENING STANDARDThe Books Real Power Lies In Its Between The Lines Warning That Our Embrace Of The Internet Represents Some Kind Of Sleepwalk Into Oblivion Its A Provocative, Tub Thumping Sci Fi Of Which H G Wells Might Have Been Proud DAILY MAILHarris Latest Work Intelligently Warps Historical Fiction And Tackles Issues Of Religion, Science And The Apocalypse In The Process As He Flexes His Imagination, You Will Be Left Pondering As Often As You Are Page Turning HERALD A Brilliantly Imaginative Thriller READER S DIGEST Starts kind of interesting but does not go anywhere End just fizzles out Harris is no doubt embarrassed or will be in a few years by this simplistic book which loses all momentum that it might have had half way through The story line is implausible and even naive And the ending is definitely goes with a whimper and not a bang. I liked the plot line of a world where high tech has failed and what follows That Harris sees the rebirth of the medieval is interesting , but predictable given his historical interests This background is really incidental to what is a conventional novel format boy meets girl, we have ecclesiastical baddies, and a hero heroine combo comprising the church and the impoverished landed gentry The war Up North is with the Muslims rather than the Danes, otherwise it s historical business as usual Will someone write a knowledgeable contemporary account of a post tech world please e.g The Death of Grass An interesting premise, and an enjoyable read, but the ending was weird As though he was out in his writing shed and his wife calls him in for dinner so he winds the story up in a single page Having built to the crescendo of the discovery the author runs out of ink, leaving us not so much wanting , but wondering wtf.

About the Author: Robert Harris

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Second Sleep: the Sunday Times #1 bestselling novel (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Robert Harris author readers around the world.

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