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The Story of Life This Book Is A Magical Journey Through Life From The Beginnings Of Time To The Birth Of A Child And The Adventure That We Take On Our Way To The Grave And Beyond To The Starsit Is A Celebration Of Being Human And All Of The Beautiful Things That Is In Betweenif You Like Books That Are About Why We Are Herehow We Are Madebabies Shedding Their Baby Legs And Growing Their Child Legsthe Innocence Of Childhoodthe Warmth Of Papas Backteen Lifebody Harethe First Kissfalling In Lovebeing Alonethe Gift Of A Feathertales Of Witchessaturday Nightsmonday Morningsthe Mystery Of Old Peoples Earlobesdeathghostsand The Meaning Of Lifethen This Book Is For Youbecause Inside Of This Book There Is All Of Those Things And After Reading About Pages Of It You Will Be The Main Expert Of Human Life And There Will Be Nothing In This World That You Will Not Know Love From Your Friend Chris Simpsons Artist Xox conosco chris da anni ed fantastico, non un umorismo nonsense per tutti ma davvero divertente anche per chi non proprio amante del genere My fish died when i opened the book Not everyone shares the same sense of humor so you may not think it is funny I haven t read anything so funny in my whole life Absurb, surreal, and absolutely 1000% funny

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