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The Typography Idea Book: Inspiration from 50 Masters Il libro ottimo per approfondire l argomento con esempi molto recenti e validi.Il pacco arrivato puntuale e nelle condizioni come da descrizione. Solid Tight format. Il solito libro ricco di immagini che, secondo me, porgono un banale omaggio al misero gusto contemporaneoIdee Caratteri piccolissimi aggiungono pena alla pena Ricordiamo Bodoni, please.Restituito cool editorial design example Typography and design often go hand in hand, and never before have words like typography, lettering, fonts, hand drawn or script lettering been popular in Google searches or widely known by non designers Thanks to creative blogs, websites, Pinterest and apps like Instagram, heightened interest in typography has led to many books on the subject This is another one worth taking notice.The followup to The Graphic Design Idea Book, the yellow one Steven Heller fundamental design themes of dimension, transformation and layering to complex ones like abstraction, collage expressive reduction Part typographic design history lesson, part mentor in a book, part light inspirational reading, this is worthy as a creative resource regardless of whether you are a longtime professional or just getting started. My book arrived on time and was new and unblemished A good book for anyone looking to get a inspirational nudge on typography styles, I needed to have a physical copy of type inpso for a project Great for me, who does graphic design but is new to type. This Book Serves As An Introduction To The Key Elements Of Good Typographic Design Broken Into Sections Covering The Fundamentals Of Typography, The Book Features Inspiring Works By Acclaimed Typographic Designers From Across The World Each Section Illustrates Technical Points And Encourages Readers To Try Out New Ideas Of Their Own The Subjects Covered Include Typographic Rebus, Abstract Form, Overlapping, Using Grids, Metaphoric Construction And IlluminationThe Result Is An Instantly Accessible, Jargon Free Guide To Typographic Design Using Professional Techniques

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