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The World of Professor Layton The Professor Layton Series Couples Brilliant Puzzle Games With A Fascinating Story To Create A Riveting Formula That Has Provided Great Entertainment For Mystery Fans And Puzzle Solving Gurus Alike Now You Can Dive Even Deeper Into Professor Layton S Universe With A Fabulous Tome That Is Sure To Remind You Of A Puzzle The World Of Professor Layton Is Bursting With Artwork, Rough Concepts, Storyboards, And Detailed Character Profiles From Every Professor Layton Game, As Well As Exclusive Interviews, Creator Commentary, And Much

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    Regalo per mia sorella, arrivato in tatto e ben confezionato.

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    This book isn t exactly The World of Professor Layton If the title were honest it would be along the lines of The Tour Guide of the Professor Layton Franchise That s basically what this book is But despite it not being as all encompassing all the title alludes, The World of Professor Layton is still a wonderful book It s packed with the small but ve

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    Product is excellent and full of great art and information about the games, but some of the images are printed quite small, especially the scenery the artists of the games worked so hard on.Additionally, Udon s art books in my experience don t have great spinal integrity this book and my Okami artbook had leaflets of pages detach from the adhesive keeping them

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    It is a lovely little peek into the world of Professor Layton, but that was kinda it It was somewhat of a quick glance through each of the games in the series plus a little insight into the spin offs and the movie without spoiling a thing Usually with these types of books, they have everything, from start to finish Still, it s a lovely little addition to any Layton fan

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    May be an enjoyable read for fans of the series, but lacks as much behind the scenes insight and concept art as I would have liked In addition, reading the glowing descriptions of Japan only games soured my mood considerably As a result, this book was a bit of a mixed and ultimately somewhat underwhelming experience Interviews with Akira Tago and the voice cast are definitely the

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    Wonderful book for fans of the series, featuring interviews with some of the staff at Level 5 and an in depth look at some art for specific games In case you haven t played every game in the series, the book does not reveal any spoilers unfortunately, this works against the book, in my opinion, since certain characters or important elements of each game can t be discussed Still, it s a lov

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