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Things That Never Were From Sodom And Gomorrah To The Siberian Taigo, From Roanoke Island To Lost Cities In Africa Populated By Ape Men In Elizabethan Garb, This Book Presents A Travelogue Of Mental Expeditions To Weird And Imaginary Places

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    I can t think of anything else I ve read which is quite like this book There are shades of Charles Fort bizarre unexplained phenomena Colin Wilson defending various pseudoscientists like Sheldrake The author also proudly mentions his interest in pulp literature H.P Lovecraft, R.E Howard, and E.E Doc Smith being prominent themes , role play

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    The earnestness with which Matthew Rossi appears to contemplate the most absurd and implausible notions is infectiously intoxicating I heartily recommend this for anyone who needs an infusion of insanity into their life in safe, manageable doses.

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    Man oh man, this book is amazing It s a collection of speculative non fiction the old What if game played to perfection Rossi references history, philosophy, religion, science, mythology, literature and much, much , and he does it in such a folksy style that it s a treat to read If you re looking for something new and different, you ve come to the right place

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    Matthew Rossi is a prodigious talent I ve had the honor privilege of watching him hone his craft for years on his blog and on various websites This collection of essays captures that early velocity enthusiasm intense desire to share his ideas not to convert a reader to an ideology or an alternative history, but to entertain and elicit Wonder joy in these provocations a

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    If you love books that play around with what we think we know of reality, and that keep you guessing about what might happen next, this is the book for you The full title is Things That Never Were Fantasies Lunacies Entertaining Lies I like to think of the essays in this book as intelligent conspiracy theories The book takes pieces of history, twists them around, and presents an

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    Despite all its tall claims and the reviews posted by others , this book is not enjoyable because it addresses nobody except its own mind that seems to derive pleasure from hurling all kinds of mostly bad ideas here there, mostly in a language that suits American teen agersthan others Most of the discourses were skewed, fantastic, ribald in a ghastly way, and totally bereft of any redeemi

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    Much like hisrecent book, Bottled Demon, Things That Never Were is hard to describe It s kind of alt history, it s kind of a found fiction exercise, it s kind of insane but my kind of insane, and it s always thought provoking I wish I owned a copy so I could revisit pieces of it here and there Recommended for anyone who likes truly weird, off the wall ideas, who enjoys strange history, or can simpl

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    Rossi used to have a blog on Blogspot with similar material about a decade ago This appears to be the blog s greatest hits It s great material for planning your Mythos RPG or some crossover fanfic based on weird ideas, but it s not to be taken seriously as anything but.

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    Sure, I m logrolling, but in addition to being a swell guy, Matt has written a fascinating book of essays on what s best described as speculative history a sort of what if of conspiracies and grand mysteries Good stuff

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