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You Cant Catch Me Twelve Years Ago Jessica Williams Escaped A Cult She Reintegrated Into Society, Endured An Uncomfortable Notoriety, And Tried To Put It All Behind Her Then, At An Airport Bar, Jessica Meets A Woman With An Identical Name And Birth Date It Appears To Be Just An Odd Coincidence Until A Week Later, When Jessica Finds Her Bank Account Drained And Her Personal Information StolenFollowing A Trail Of The Grifter S Victims, Each With The Same Name, Jessica Gathers Players, One By One, For Her Own Game According To Her Plan, They Ll Set A Trap And Wait For The Impostor To Strike Again But Plans Can Go Awry, And Trust Can Fray, And As Jessica Tries To Escape The Shadows Of Her Childhood, The Risks Are Greater Than She Imagined Now, Confronting The Casualties Of Her Past, Jessica Can T Help But Wonder Who Will Pay The Price

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    Parts of this story were excellent and some of it really dragged.a lot.The culmination of the story was interesting and nicely buttoned things up but it was also but very far fetched I was entertained by this book but didn t feel the storyl

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    Readers YOU CAN T CATCH ME will be my 10th novel in 10 years, which is so crazy to think about I need to put that aside Anywho I m so excited for you to meet Jessica Williams, and Jessica Williams, and Jessica, you guessed it, Williams That s right,

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    One of the things I really like about Catherine McKenzie s novels is that each one is unique In this one, Jessica has escaped a cult and tried to put her life back together again, earning a college degree in journalism She writes about the cult, but parts are

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    Two women named Jessica Williams walk into a bar Sitting beside each other is not an accident One was once a child, rescued from a CULT She is not willing to be anyone s VICTIM againespecially not a grifter s I am a huge fan of this author having read almost every one o

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    Jessica Williams is a journalist who makes a career bombing mistake when she plagiarises an article which results in losing her job though she manages to negotiate a payoff Whilst waiting for a flight to Mexico for a holiday she meets another Jessica Williams What a coincidence E

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    Catherine McKenzie is at the top of her game when a former cult member finds herself mixed up in a dangerous, high stakes case of identity theft Addictive and fast paced, YOU CAN T CATCH ME proves that sometimes revenge is sweet McKenzie best book yet

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    2.5 starsAlas another book for the wish I had liked it file While I so enjoyed this author s The Good Liar, this one just didn t give me the thrills I was hoping to find.It has lots going on and perhaps it was that issue that kept me from enjoying this story as much as I hoped I would The story lin

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    3.5 Twelve years ago Jessica Williams escaped from a cult she was involved in All she wanted to do was leave that portion of her life behind her, but that was easier said than done The day Jessica crosses paths with a woman at an airport bar of the exact name and birth date as hers is the day her life will al

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    Special thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review Expected pub date June 9, 2020 I am so excited to be chosen as one of McKenzie s early readers, once again I have read most of McKenzie s later works, and was impressed

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    3 coincidence or not starsHow far would you go to get revenge This tale digs into just that thought as one woman chases another who coincidentally shares the same name How common is that After a chance meeting at a bar, Jessica discovers that her bank account has been drained and there s not much the police can do to help her So

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